On Friday October 12th, update 2.65 will bring more options, overview and ease to your workspace. For instance, you’ll get more options for Conditional Access and the sizes of the Documents tile and you’ll be able to edit your contacts more easily. Do you want to know what exactly is new and improved? Keep on reading. Do you have ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or submit a feature request!

New: More settings for Conditional Access

Get more control as an admin over who has access to applications with the new settings for Conditional Access. From now on, you’ll have more options to decide who gets access and in which way to Workspace 365 applications. You can now define access based on operating systems and you can blacklist IP-addresses, which means that people won’t have access to the applications from those specific IP-addresses.

Conditional Access Options Workspace 365

New: Edit tiles instantly by right-clicking

Editing a tile is no longer only possible from the Action Bar or the editing screen. You can now also edit a tile by simply right-clicking on it. This will make the new context menu appear, in which you can for example instantly adjust the tile size or delete the tile. You can also carry out these actions by clicking on the three dots, the so-called “Meatballs”, in the right upper-corner of a tile.

Context menu Workspace 365

New: Create, edit & delete contacts from Workspace 365

From the contacts sidebar, you were already able to view contact information and use it to call or email people and view their location on Google Maps. Now you can also easily create, edit and delete Exchange contacts, straight from the Contacts sidebar. You no longer have to leave your workspace for this.

Contacts sidebar Workspace 365

New: Multiple feeds in the Yammer tile

Yammer is a great platform to discuss, share and collaborate with colleagues. That’s why it’s so nice when you can not only do that within the entire company, but also within certain teams or departments, without having to leave your dashboard. This update makes that possible! With the new possibility to set up multiple tabs in your Yammer live tile, you can integrate multiple Yammer feeds in your workspace. Thanks to this, you can keep up with both general company business and the latest news and questions within specific groups.

Multiple Yammer tabs Workspace 365

New: Deselect multiple tiles with one click

Are you done editing multiple tiles and you want to continue editing other tiles? Then you no longer have to deselect those tiles one by one – this can now be done with one single click on the new option on the top-right of the action bar.

Deselect multiple tiles Workspace 365

Improvement: Install and activate tiles more quickly

As an admin, it now becomes a lot easier to install and activate applications. Via Apps Management you can activate or deactivate an application with one click at any moment.

Enable Disable apps with one click Workspace 365

Improvement: Larger Document tile sizes

When you frequently use Documents, you can now give them a more prominent place in your workspace with the new larger tile sizes. Besides the fact that you can now view more recently edited documents at once and that they are displayed more clearly, the larger tile sizes also show the document’s location and if it’s shared with other people.

Documents tile sizes Workspace 365

Improvement: More currencies in the Business Apps

If your organisation operates internationally, this update makes it possible to take that into account when entering monetary amounts into the Business Apps with the newly added currencies.

Currency GIF Workspace 365

Improvement: View the current tile size

In the new context menu, a checkmark will point out what tile size you have chosen at that moment. This allows you to uncover the size of a tile with one (right)click.

Current tile size Workspace 365

Improvement: Document menu design

When you right-click a file or folder in the Document app, you will notice that we have improved the menu that appears. Icons have been added to the different options for better recognition and so that it is more in line with the menu in the Action Bar. Also, the different types of actions are grouped, so that the menu is arranged more logically.

Improved menu design Workspace 365

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