This time, we have a small update with some big items! For one, we have made it way easier to upgrade and downgrade your Workspace 365 subscription. It is also a lot clearer which features and functionalities are included in which subscription. Furthermore, we have upgraded the TOPdesk live tile, so you can include your own TOPdesk environment. And last but not least, you can now view unread emails in your Email live tile. Curious? Keep on reading!

Easily change your subscription in Workspace 365

Let’s start off with something highly requested! Recently, we’ve been receiving feedback, asking us to simplify and clarify the process of upgrading and downgrading subscriptions. So we did! Want to start using more Workspace 365 features? From now on, you can easily take care of that with the click of a button within your workspace.

Workspace 365 subscriptions

Through a new pop-up screen we’re introducing in this update, you can get a clear overview of the Workspace 365 packages and all the included features. This way, you can clearly see which subscription you need to start using certain features. When you’ve made your decision, you simply switch your subscription from there. When you upgrade, the new features will become available immediately. Note: when you downgrade your license, applications are automatically disabled and all data from those features will be deleted.

We have also made it clearer which subscription you need for features that are not available to you in your current subscription, throughout the entire workspace. For example, in your workspace settings and the App Store. These features are marked with a label. Subsequently, when you want to know which subscription you need to start using this feature, you don’t have to look it up.

Another benefit of this feature is that any changes will be logged, so that the admin is always able to keep track of these changes in the logs.

Improved TOPdesk live tile

In update 2.64, we introduced the TOPdesk live tile to help partners interact with their customers within the workspace. Now, we have upgraded this integration, to enable any organisation to take advantage of the benefits of TOPdesk!

Workspace 365 TOPdesk

This means that besides using TOPdesk to request support from their Workspace 365 partner, organisations can now also use TOPdesk internally. This way, both IT Support and other employees can instantly view and open support tickets from the TOPdesk live tile. Based on people’s login to the workspace, the tile will instantly show the correct support tickets.

This improvement is especially valuable to mobile and remote employees, as they can easily view the status of their support ticket, wherever they are. It can also be very useful in large enterprises, where there’s little to no direct contact between the IT department and other employees. For one because it’s simply not efficient on a large scale, and also due to the fact that the IT department may be situated in an entirely different location and city. The TOPdesk live tile makes their IT support process faster and more efficient.

View read emails in the Email live tile

Many people use the Email live tile mainly to see which new emails they’ve received, without actually having to check the Email App. But from this update forward, you can also start using your Email live tile as a type of micro Email App!

Workspace 365 email live tile

This update, we’re enabling you to choose to also show your most recent read emails in the Email live tile, in addition to your unread emails. This will enable you to quickly navigate to your most recent emails and the information they contain, even if you’ve already opened them.

This feature works with both our own Email App and with the Outlook Web App in Office 365. By clicking on the email, it will automatically open the correct application.

Clientless RDP update

We are also introducing an extra Clientless RDP update, which you can request by getting in touch with us. This update will bring several features, simplifying and improving working with Clientless RDP.

clientless rdp update workspace 365

First of all, we’ve replaced the favicon you see when switching applications, with a screenshot of the application or desktop you have open at that moment. This makes switching applications when in Clientless RDP a lot easier.
To enable you to use your Clientless RDP more securely, there’s now a possibility to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for admins. This way, you add an extra security step to their login, making their access safer.
Furthermore, Clientless RDP now supports the Ctrl+Alt+Delete action, by pressing Ctrl+Alt+End. To prevent the shortcut from being executed outside of your remote environment, it’s a different shortcut to achieve the same result.
Finally, to support our partners and customers around the globe, we’ve added additional keyboard layouts. The Swiss-German and Danish keyboard layouts are now added.
You can find more information on this Clientless RDP update here.

What else is new:

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • We improved the speed of uploading folders to SharePoint

Are you curious about all new features, fixes and improvements of this update? Check out the announcements.

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Ps. Don’t see the update yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.


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