This update will drastically improve the way you work with your workspace applications, intranet and web content. We are proud to announce that you can now add specific applications, document solutions or your intranet as tabs within your adaptive workspace, Workspace 365. Additionally, we have replaced your Notifications sidebar with an Activity feed, which you can pin to your workspace, and allow you to set permissions on local Office editors. Want to know more? Keep on reading! This update willl be available from Thursday June 25th.

Add apps and your intranet as tabs in the header

You can now add your Email app, your Documents app and your web content apps as a completely new tab to your workspace! This will enable you to keep your work within your workspace, simplifying work for both you and admins, who get more control. This allows you to combine your applications, intranet and digital workspace, giving people one single workspace.

Add apps as tabs Workspace 365

By adding your intranet (using the web content tile), Email app or Documents app as a tab in your workspace, you can quickly and easily switch between these apps and your personal or shared spaces, making them easier to work with. Also, you are now able to embed your web content on an entire page in your workspace, which opens up countless possibilities.

As long as the website permits it, you can integrate any web content on an entire page. You could, for instance, integrate a complete web app (functionality) in your workspace. By doing this, people no longer have to leave their workspace, making all their information, application and communication available on any device. This is a great solution for those workers who can only access their workspace in kiosk mode.

App as tab possibilities Workspace 365

Create your own workspace applications

This also opens opportunities for both customers and partners to develop their own digital workspace applications. We have already seen partners develop statistical dashboards, planning tools and smart forms to improve their digital workspace. We are very curious what you will integrate in your workspace tabs? Please let us know!

Pin your Activities sidebar

Stay up to date on your latest activities and notifications by pinning the sidebar to your workspace. It is another step to integrate your activities and notifications from third-party applications within your workspace. Soon this will make it even easier to offer a digital workspace that doesn’t only simplify access to application and information, but one that also helps you to keep track of your most important activities and notifications.

Pin Activity Feed Workspace 365

With Workspace 365, we are focusing on enabling you to work smarter and allow a more task-oriented approach. Giving you the option to make your activities and notifications a part of your dashboard is one of the steps we’re taking to realising this future workspace.

From this update forward, it is possible to permanently incorporate your activities and notifications into your workspace. As soon as you’ve pinned the sidebar, the design of it will automatically adapt to fit nicely into your workspace view and it will be permanently visible in the entire workspace; on every (shared) space, in your Email App and in your Documents app. You will always see and stay up to date on the latest activities and notifications allowing you to improve the digital employee experience.

Set permissions on local Office editors

This update, we are also giving admins more control over how people open their SharePoint documents. It is now possible to set permissions on the use of local Office editors for SharePoint documents. This way, admins can determine who can or can’t use their local Office editors, and who can only use the web editors.

Local Office editors permissions Workspace 365

This is also a useful functionality for people who don’t have any local Office editors installed. Before, they could set a preference on how to open their documents, but the option to open locally would still be there. Now, to prevent any confusion, you can set up for these users that they won’t see the option to open their documents with local editors.

What else is new?

And that’s it for this update! You can check out all fixes and technical items in the Announcements on our Support Portal.

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View these new features in your Workspace 365 environment. Don’t have your own Workspace 365 environment or didn’t receive the update yet? Then try our free demo. Do you want to receive release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Don’t see the update yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider. 

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