Forget the heatwave, because we are ON FIRE this update! We are proud to introduce some really great new features, from the new YouTube tile and Autotask Micro App, to improvements to the Announcements and more! Keep reading to find out all the good stuff this update has to bring.

View and join appointments from Activity feed

Busy day? See what’s coming up next in your schedule in a glance and join your next online meeting with one click.

From now on, you can see your next scheduled appointment in your calendar at the top of the Activity sidebar. Including the amount of minutes until that appointment.

But that’s not all – because you can also instantly join your online meeting in Microsoft Teams, Zoom and from the activity sidebar with one click. We will add more online meeting tools soon!

Pro tip: Since update 3.15, you can pin your Activity feed, so it is always open – making this feature even more effortless.

Workspace 365 activity feed

Announcement live tile: grid & permissions 

This update brings not one, but two improvements to the Announcements (live tile).

Announcement grid view

We recently introduced the carousel view, that enables you to make your announcements more visually attractive and entice people to open them. If you’re a fan of this esthetic, but would still like to view more than one announcement at a time, this new feature is for you: the grid view in the Announcements live tile.

With this grid view, the focus of the Announcements live tile is still on the visuals, but you can view multiple announcements at once. You can still scroll through your announcements using the arrows, as you’re used to.

Workspace 365 announcement grid view

Announcement permissions

In many cases, internal communication is the responsibility of the Communication department, who are therefore usually the ones who post announcements. But what about management? What about the team leads, the office managers or teachers? We got you!

With the new announcement permissions, there is a lot more flexibility in who can create, edit and view your messages. There are now three levels of permissions you can set on Announcement categories:

  • Who has access: Here you can determine who can view the announcements within a specific category
  • Editors: Who can create, edit and delete all announcements within a specific category
  • Owners: Who can create, edit and delete all announcements within a specifc category, plus manage the category itself.

This will allow you to give people more freedom in the way they communicate internally, without having to go through the Communication department every time – increasing its usability on a department and team level as well.

Workspace 365 Announcement permissions

Autotask Micro App

We are happy to introduce the Autotask Micro App! In this tile, you can view and open all your latest support tickets.

Autotask is an integrated IT business management solution, that enables you to track IT tickets and projects and which supports the IT services within your company. Organisations can use Autotask to provide internal IT support, and Managed Service Providers to provide support to their customers.

Do you have another integration you’d like to see in the adaptive workspace? Submit a feature request.

Did you know that you can also add support tickets from TOPdesk and Connectwise?

Workspace Autotask Micro App

Easily add videos with the YouTube Tile

Copying and pasting a video into your workspace? It’s possible! As video has become an increasingly more important too for education and communication, we have made it even easier to add it to your workspace with the new YouTube tile.

In the YouTube tile, you simply paste the URL of a YouTube video or playlist, and it will appear in your workspace – easy as that! You can add videos with tutorials, team outings after movies, important video announcements… you name it, you add it.

Workspace 365 YouTube Miro App

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • The To-Do Micro App now also supports the ‘Assigned to you’ and
  • ‘Flagged Emails’ lists Insecure content in the Email App is now hidden by default

Are you curious about all new features, fixes and improvements of this update? Check out the announcements.

Open the announcements

View these new features in your Workspace 365 environment. Don’t have your own Workspace 365 environment or didn’t receive the update yet? Then try our free demo. Do you want to receive release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Don’t see the update yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider. 

At the moment, Workspace 365 is working hard on more (intranet) integrations and features. Want to learn more about elevating your intranet? Sign up for the webinar on July 30th!

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