This update, we’re making it even easier to share information through the workspace. First of all, we’ve made it easier for you to share links to files and added several options to share and manage your links. And we are continuing our path to take away the complexity of switching between applications by simplifying the way that you integrate information from third-party applications into your adaptive workspace. Curious? Keep on reading!

Intuitive link-sharing experience for SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive documents

It’s awful to see a document with titles like “Version A”, “Version B” and “Version B-copy”. That’s why we advise sharing files via a link. This prevents unnecessary document duplications as you all open the same file. Additionally, you can turn of a link when you want to recall access to a document.

As we believe everyone should work like this, we made it even easier to share files through links in Workspace 365 (and prettier)! We’ve improved the link sharing flow, making the process of sharing a link clearer, more intuitive and giving you more settings and options for sharing your links.

The new Share Link experience

When you click on ‘Share link’, the default setting will match your default setting in SharePoint, since this is the option you use the most. This can vary from:

  • Anyone with the link can edit the file
  • Anyone with the link van view the file
  • Only people within your organisation with the link can edit the file
  • Only people within your organisation with the link can view the file

If you prefer the default option, you can instantly simply copy your link to share the file via Teams, Slack or other communication tools. You can also choose send the link via an email. Of course, you can also change these setting to share the link the way you want to.

Manage existing links from one dialog

It is now also possible to manage links you’ve already created for a certain file, straight from the ‘Share link’ dialog. There you can see each link which was created for that specific file, and you can copy or disable them, so that the file can no longer be reached though that link.

This makes it easier to manage your information from your workspace and to keep all your files secure. Any employee can easily turn off access to a file that they accidentally shared with the wrong contact. This is important as 67% of data breaches are caused by human error, managing links is one of the tools people can use to prevent ‘easy’ data breaches.

Soon: more extensions to the Share Link function

In future updates, more link settings will be added to the ‘Share link’ functionality, such as setting an expiration date on the use of a link.

Try the new features in the demo now

Manage and create API keys more easily

This update, IT- and information managers are lucky, as we’ve improved the design and functionality of the API settings page. As we noticed that people are aggregating more information and notifications in their workspace, we made it easier for you to create API keys, to define scopes for and to manage them from your workspace.

All your API keys united on the API settings page

From this update forward, you can see a clear overview of your API keys on the API settings page, and easily create new ones for each third-party, though it’s also possible to use one key for multiple APIs.

Securing your API Keys – store them safely

As soon as you’ve created it, you should securely store your API key in, for example, your password manager. Workspace 365 will only save your API as a hashed key, to keep it safe. You will not be able to see the API Key after closing the creation dialog. It’s possible to regenerate or temporarily disable your API key if necessary.

Aggregating all your notifications into one single workspace

These updates make working with API keys a lot clearer, safer and simpler. We have seen a lot of customers uniting their notifications from their ERP, CRM, EPD and other systems to one single notification feed. Get inspired to aggregate your notifications by reading this article on 26 notification integrations in the Activity Feed.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • We introduced a new modern styling for our toggle controls.   

Are you curious about all new features, fixes and improvements of this update? Check out the announcements.

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