Keep your SharePoint and OneDrive documents safe and get more control over who can access them, and when. This update we made it possible with improvements to the link-sharing experience. Furthermore, we’re introducing another new Micro App to unite all information. This time it is especially interesting for Dutch municipalities: Zaaksysteem. Keep on reading to discover more!

Extended control over shared links

One of the key elements of keeping your files safe, is the ability to strictly control who has access to them, and when. That is why in this update, we are extending the level of control you have over your SharePoint and OneDrive documents with two new features.

1. Set expiration dates on ‘Anyone’ links

In the Documents App, you have the ability to share links that can be accessed by anyone who has it. However, sometimes you want to restrict the access again, e.g. when you accidentally send the link to the wrong contact. Or you only want to make a certain file available for a limited amount of time, such as a proposal.

That’s why we are now introducing the possibility to set an expiration date on SharePoint and OneDrive files that are set to be accessed by ‘Anyone’. This way, after the set date expires, people will no longer be able to use the shared link to access the document.

2. Create shareable links for specific people

Some files are too important to risk it being shared with the wrong people. Even within your organisation there are situations where you want to share information only with a limited amount of colleagues, or just one. For instance personal information that needs to be shared with HR.

Therefore this update makes it possible to choose specific people to share a link to a SharePoint or OneDrive file with. Only the people you’ve selected are able to use the link to open the file and view the information within it. This enables a high level of control over who gets to access a specific document.

Another Micro App: Zaaksysteem

Within Workspace 365 we allow people to access all their applications, unite information and simplify processes using Micro Apps to offer people one single view on their most important information.

Good news for Dutch municipalities! After many requests on our Feature Request page, we are proud to introduce the Zaaksysteem Micro App. This allow government workers to easily keep track of open and suspended cases, straight from their workspace.

What is Zaaksysteem?

Zaaksysteem is a platform for Dutch government organisations and municipalities to handle processes. According to their website, you could see them as a governmental ticketing system; from parking permit requests to taking care of residential and living environment reports . This gives governments and municipalities more grip on their information management, helping them to improve their service and gives them more insight into their processes.

How does Zaaksysteem integrate within Workspace 365?

With the Zaaksysteem Micro App, people instantly get insight into their open and suspended cases straight from their Workspace 365 dashboard. They can search through the cases and open them in Zaaksysteem with a single click.

This gives people the ability to open their workspace on any device to easily view and access their documents, news, announcements, cases from Zaaksysteem and more. The Zaaksysteem Micro App increases the value and adoption rate of the workspace for governments and municipalities as you integrate an important work processes within the workspace.

Workspace 365 Micro App Zaaksysteem

Which Micro App do you want to have in the workspace?

Within Workspace 365 we already integrate and simplify the usage of solutions like SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, AFAS and much more. We are very curious if there are any complex processes that we can simplify for your organisation. Please share how we can help your organisation on our feature request page.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • We now support .potx files (PowerPoint templates) in our Documents App
  • PNG app icons will automatically resize if they’re larger than 76 pixels

Are you curious about all new features, fixes and improvements of this update? Check out the announcements.

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