What do you have to do, and how do you do it? Two questions that are easily answered with the new and improved features of this update. Effortlessly learn how to use elements of the workspace with the videos in the new How-to tile, and easily manage your different to-do lists with the improved To-do tile. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

New: The How-to tile with A.I.

How-to tile Workspace 365

What better way to teach people how to use their workspace properly than to show them? To improve the adoption of the workspace and to make it easier for people to use Workspace 365, we have created the How-to tile.

In this tile, brand-less videos explain several parts of the workspace and how to perform specific actions, such as adding new tiles, creating personal and shared groups, how to add RSS feeds and much more.

The most exciting thing is that this tile has a sort of A.I. (adaptive intelligence). The videos a user sees are automatically determined based on their permissions and on what’s accessible to them in the workspace. So, if for example Exchange is not configured for a user, they will not see a How-to video about the Email App.

Whenever you’ve watched a video, you can check the video in question and it will move to the tile tab “Watched how-tos”. So if you’d like to watch a video again, you’ll be able to find it there.

With the How-to tile, people can easily find out how to perform and find several actions and features themselves, without having to ask anyone. This will save your admin or service desk a lot of time and questions. It will also make the transition to the new workspace a lot easier, since people can effortlessly learn how to use it.

Are there any features you’d like to have explained in the How-to tile? Let us know!

Improved: A more elaborate To-do tile

To-do tile Workspace 365

When we introduced the To-do tile in update 2.63, we made it easy to easily view, add and check tasks from your dashboard. This update, we took the tile to the next level.

Now, you can view and edit all your to-do lists in the To-do tile. Not just the tasks you’ve added from the workspace, but also the to-dos you’ve added to for example “My Day” and “Important”. This way, it has become easier to manage different tasks lists, for instance for different teams. It also simplifies prioritising your tasks, since you can simply add your most important tasks to a separate to-do list.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • Public RSS feed URLs now support user placeholders
  • The styling of the radio button will stay uniform across all browsers

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Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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