Sharing documents from you file server, SharePoint or OneDrive becomes even easier with update 2.50.  Next to this, we focused on improving the speed of setting up workspaces and accessing local applications. Do you have ideas to improve Workspace 365? Let us know or vote for other feature requests.

New: Attach document to email

Each update we focus on simplifying work for our users. How can we make people’s daily tasks easier? By designing easy to use functions which save you time. That is why it is now possible to attach documents to an email directly from our Document app. This allows you to send files which are stored on SharePoint, OneDrive or a file server directly from the location on which you are working on the file. By doing this we save users about 15 seconds per file. Instead of going to your email application, clicking attach and selecting a file, you can now simply right click (or select – Share) and choose ‘Attach to email’. This way you automatically create a new email with the document attached to it.

New: Attach a link to a document to an email

As it is preferred to share files via links we also allow you to easily add your file link to your email. This way you can easily send read-only files or allow people to edit the file and work at the same time in a document. By doing this, you don’t get multiple versions of a file and next to this, you still have the benefits of quickly sharing your documents via email.

New: Add predefined RSS (news) feeds

It was already possible to add a news tile with RSS feeds to your workspace. However, some users prefer to set up their own workspace structure without using the shared groups. For these users, it is now easier to add news feeds to their dashboard as an admin can set up predefined RSS feeds.

New & improved: Citrix integration within Workspace 365

With Workspace 365 it’s possible to add single sign-on to hosted desktop applications. This was already possible with our Clientless RDP or the Citrix XenApp integration. In this update, we have created a new Citrix XenApp shortcut which allows admins to make it easier to set permissions and add predefined Citrix applications to the workspace.

Next to this, you can now detect if the local Citrix receiver is installed. If it is there, then it will be started automatically allowing you to work with the local Citrix applications. Although you could already work within your browser, this enables users which are used to the local receiver to work as they want to. This makes the hybrid workspace even stronger as it combines both the new (cloud) and old (local apps, file servers & hosted desktops) IT world within one workspace. Would you also like to start Citrix applications as local applications? Contact us at [email protected]

Change: Expiration for cookies

Previously the default expiration for cookies was 7 days. However, most customers prefer a shorter cookie time as they don’t want the workspace to be automatically logged-in for over 24 hours. Therefore, the new default expiration time is 24 hours. Admins are able to alter this on instance level.

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Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

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