Today I’ll share all new and exciting things of update 2.54. We made huge improvements making it more easy to use the workspace on any device. Next to this, we created a Clientless Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication solution, which we’ll explain in this blog post or which you can see in our update video.

New: Clientless Single Sign-On & Multi-Factor Authentication

Every day we ask ourselves how we can make work easier for people. That’s why we now introduce Clientless SSO. With Clientless SSO we allow users to simply login to their workspace once, and open any web application within one click, without login in again. This was already possible in the workspace, but what is new is that you don’t need any plugin. So, you go to the workspace, login, click on an application and it opens. It’s that easy.

Next to this, we’re also introducing Clientless MFA. You could already set an additional verification step on the workspace, asking you for an extra verification using your phone to login. But now you can add MFA to specific applications. This way, you only have to enter the additional verification code, either from your phone or hard ware token, to access a specific application. This is particularly useful when you work with sensitive data, like accountants or health care professionals and makes it easier to comply with the GDPR laws concerning data protection.

Clientless SSO
: You open your workspace, click on an application and it will open without having to log in or having to install a plug-in.
Clientless MFA: You click on an application, a code will be sent to their mobile, an app or through hardware token, your enter the code and then the application opens.

New: Open Office documents from the Office tiles 

A feature requested by many was opening files from your office tiles. So, here it is. Previously, the office tiles where designed only to create new items. Now you can use them to access your documents from the selected application. This is important as users are used to do this on their desktop, now they have the same user experience in their browser.


New: Side bar for adding tiles and changing group permissions 

It’s now possible for administrators to manage which user group gets to see which information and applications through the new sidebar, without having to leave their dashboard. And also, users are from now on able to add tiles to their workspace through the new sidebar, so they won’t have to leave their dashboard.


Improvement: Accept meeting invites from the mail app

Meeting invites(RSVP) in the Workspace 365 E-mail app now directly show information about time, date and location, and the option to directly accept or decline the request from your e-mail, without having to open your calendar.


New: Notification for pop-up block 

The first time you use Office online your browser will block the pop-up. And while some browsers do give you a message, it was not clear enough for everyone. And as we want to make workspace the most easy to use workspace we have now added an onscreen notification to show that your browser blocked a pop-up.


Internationalization: New languages will soon be added 

And as a last bonus, I’d like to share with you that as we are expanding internationally, we are working on translating Workspace 365 to Danish and Norwegian. These languages will soon be added to Workspace 365 allowing our Danish and Norwegian users to set the workspace to their own language. Is there a language you would like to add to Workspace 365? Or do you have a great idea for Workspace 365? Send me a message on LinkedIn or mail!

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Kind regards,

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist  

Ps. Don’t see the update yet? You will probably receive it soon from your IT-service provider.

Mark Grasmayer

Mark Grasmayer

Product Evangelist

Feel free to contact me if you have ideas for Workspace 365 or questions about this update:  [email protected] – LinkedIn

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