The newest update (2.57) brings big changes to Workspace 365. Collaborating and communicating becomes even easier with the integration of Yammer and using the dashboard has become simpler, because you can mix large and small tiles within the role based groups. Keep reading for all the new features! Do you have any ideas for Workspace 365? Vote or submit a feature request

New: Social intranet and workspace in one with Yammer

Integrate your social intranet within Workspace 365 with the new Yammer live tile. For those who are not familiar with it yet: Yammer is a service with which you can send short messages and updates, sort of like a business version of Facebook. From now on, you can integrate this live tile within Workspace 365 with just a few clicks. With this you bring your social intranet into Workspace 365 and you can collaborate and communicate with your colleagues even more easily. Through the live tile you can keep each other up-to-date on developments, successes and challenges. Also, you can ask and answer questions straight from Workspace 365 to come up with great ideas together – all live and clear on your dashboard.

Yammer on dashboard Workspace 365

New: Mix different tile sizes within groups

Do you want to have your small tiles and large tiles within the same group? Or your favorite web apps next to news from your intranet? From now on, that’s possible! This way, you can customize your dashboard exactly the way you want and offer all of your related applications, documents and information within role-based groups.

Mix tiles Workspace 365

New: Scroll vertically

Do you use many apps? Then before, you would scroll horizontally through your workspace to view all of your information and applications. However, most people are used to scroll vertically and we saw an increase in demand for this feature. That is why from now on you can scroll vertically within your Workspace 365 dashboard: all of your information and applications are clear and uncluttered below each other. This also supports upcomming features like bigger news tiles with images and iFrames which can be used by our IT-partners to develop their own information tiles for customers.

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Georgien Modijefsky

Georgien Modijefsky


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