We are working towards an adaptive digital workplace, but what exactly is that and why would we want it?

An adaptive digital workplace is an environment that adapts to the user’s needs and preferences. This means that the digital workplace automatically shows the most relevant information based on what the user needs.

This improves the user experience and this way, the digital workplace becomes the foundation not only for more productivity, job satisfaction and security, but also for new digital transformation initiatives. Now and in the future.

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Adaptive digital workplace

This release, we worked hard to make the Global Search more adaptive. From now on, when you search the Global Search, you will see your top categories depending on your own click behaviour, and what you are most interested in. These categories will adapt over time according to interest and search and click behaviour. Sounds logical right?


We are working on the future of our product and continue to make improvements. These past weeks, we have been testing design concepts for future developments, analysing the results and adjusting our design accordingly.

If you are interested in testing with us, please let us know! All feedback, especially from users, is very valuable to us. Send an e-mail to [email protected].

Zermelo, Nedap ONS and Magister

We have taken the weekly views of the Zermelo and Nedap ONS integration in hand and given them a clearer, more modern and intuitive layout. We have also started work on the Magister integration, this is not yet ready, but we expect to be able to tell you more about this in the coming release.

The Hub

In The Hub, you can provide important information about the company through knowledge items and announcements. This way,  information can always be found, is available to everyone and increases interaction.

In our previous release, we mentioned that we have been working on more formatting options for knowledge items and announcements.

Have you already tested this? We would like to invite you to share insights and examples with us. You can send these to [email protected] .

What else is new?

The above are the highlights of this update, but we have some other improvements for you: 

  • Email and Documents App: here we have implemented some small, but often requested, features and in the documents app we have improved navigation between folder.  
  • Synchronising users with a SCIM API: From now on, automatic synchronisation of users via the SCIM API is available in the Adapt licence. In addition, we have added the feature that an administrator can set that synchronised users via the SCIM api are immediately active users in the workspace. 

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Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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