Simplifying your day and saving more time. That’s what we stand for. With our newest additions to the workspace, we help HR managers bring everything to one central location. Find out how you can now use the Knowledge items in the Hub and what other user experience improvements are made in the workspace!

New:  Knowledge items added to the Hub

If you have been part of our exclusive Innovator Circle you already had a little insight in our newest addition to the workspace: the Knowledge items. In the Knowledge items you’ll find company (and team) wide documents* that will provide important information regarding the company. You can think of an employee guide, a how-to for the coffee machine and what the policy is regarding calling in sick. We brought everything back to one place, which will save you time looking for the right document!

HR managers will now have a new, innovative addition to their digital workspace where they can share important information with the rest of the organisation. When an article is made in the Knowledge items, comments and reactions will not be enabled. However, it will be possible to see the exact date when the article was published and last edited.

End-users can simply browse through the Knowledge items or type in the desired item in the search bar. Admins can edit and create all announcements. An admin can also give rights to certain users, with which they can edit and create articles in specific categories. The creator of an article will be able to keep the item up to date without having to go to the admin every time an article needs an update.

*There is a maximum of 25 articles you can create in the Adapt package. If you wish to upgrade your package to Boost and have an unlimited amount of articles in the Knowledge items. Please contact our one of our colleagues. Unfortunately, the Knowledge items aren’t available in our Simplify package.

Update 3.47 Knowledge items

Improved image preview dialog

When you click on an image in, for example, the Documents App, you’ll now see a bigger image preview dialog.  We’ve also given you the option to toggle between a light or dark background. This especially comes in handy for images with a light colour, as the lack of contrast would otherwise make it hard to see.

Another improvement to the image preview dialog is the option to immediately download, share, and add a bookmark to the image of choice. This will help you in the overall experience of working in the workspace and will save time switching back and forth.

Update 3.47 Image preview dialog

Additional billing information form

The final improvement of this update is the additional billing information, which is important for admins only. This extra information will give us better tools to support you in this process.

When you have an outstanding task regarding billing information, you’ll see a notification on top of your workspace. Click on the link to get redirected to the billing information page. Simply fill in your company name, reference number and then choose between the options of the customer type field and industry field. Easy as that!

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update, but we have three other improvements for you:

  • From now on, you’ll be able to react on comments in announcements with the 5 emojis we have introduced before.
  • The layout of the comment section in the Hub is improved for overall readability.
  • A new icon will be added to your menu (top right on desktop). This will be the Hub icon and it will be visible on both desktop and mobile devices.
Update 3.47 Reaction on comments EN

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Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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