Everyone wants easy and efficient access to the applications and information they need to do their job. The result is a productive and satisfied employee who can focus on their primary task That’s why we constantly work on optimising the user experience.

We simplify

Better findability of articles

We launched The Hub about six months ago and a common request was to pin articles at the top of the category. Now, it’s possible to pin five articles within a category in the knowledge items at the top of the page. Specific articles within a certain theme, for example, are now better found and read. This way, your employees always have insight into the most important articles that are relevant to them.

Pin knowledge articles

Optimal user experience

We want to bring access to documents, applications and communications together and that is an ongoing process. Every update we will have a feature that will improve the user experience.

In the Document App, it is now easier to create, move or select new documents. To make sure you can find emails even faster, we have expanded the filter options in the email app to include ‘attachments’. In addition, we added an edit button in the mobile app.

Filter on attachments

The features above are the main highlights of this update. But there is more, such as:

  • Previously, the text colour within your personal Workspace 365 was automatically chosen based on the background colour. This did not always improve readability, which is why Admins can now easily adjust this themselves.
  • Our Mobile App is now 100% available in Dark Theme

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Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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