Information managers and CIOs pay attention: this update is all about maintaining people’s flow. The Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, researched the psychological state of flow . In this article by Harvard Business Review, it says that when executives are in a flow, they are up to five times more productive. Yet most of today’s typical (digital) workplaces are characterised by push notifications by sight and/or sound. Just try to finish reading this article without getting any interruption😉. 

That is why this update will give individuals more control of their personal workspace by allowing them to turn off (or turn on) notifications in their Activity Feed. Additionally, we optimised the search results in a newly designed search bar!  

Rather listen and see what the new update entails? Check out the new update in the video down below: 

Choose your interruptions: mute notifications in the Activity Feed

In our previous update we shared that notifications of one category are now stacked in your Activity Feed. Now we’ve created another exciting feature that will allow people to turn on or turn off certain categories in the Activity Feed.

How can you turn a Notification category off (or on)

Everyone can simply go the settings panel (top right) of the Activity Feed and turn on/off the categories. Then hit the save button and you’re all set!

Less notifications, more focus time

Decide whether you’d like to receive notifications from your email, the Announcement Centre, or third-party applications that you connected to your workspace.

Maybe you’d like to turn off your Teams and email notifications at the start of the day and turn them back on later to see what you’ve missed. This gives the possibility to focus on that one specific job you need to finish before 5PM without getting disturbed by notifications.

This also gives information managers more options to integrate all the notifications of different platforms, without worrying that people get a notification overload or that a notification is not relevant to everyone within a department or team.

Turning off or on notifications-01

Search more easily using tabs

Quickly search for items with the newly designed global search bar. When you search you will get a clear view of three results per category. Additionally, you can now switch between categories using tabs to make you even more efficient!

The global search bar was already available in Workspace 365. However, previously it showed ten results in a dropdown menu. Now it is more user-friendly and it is ready for future additions.

Optimised Search Bar-FINAL-01

What else is new?

We’ve talked about the possibility to turn off notifications in the Activity Feed and the optimised global search bar, but there’s more:

  •  In our next update there’s a possibility to add ZenyaDocs as a Micro App to your workspace to quickly find healthcare protocols and more. 
  • The breadcrumb in your documents folder now shows your root folder and more document names. 
  • We updated the design of the (Azure) ActiveDirectory Sync tool. 

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