How can we speed up the access to applications even further? In the latest update of Workspace 365 we’ve added features which help people to work even quicker using Workspace 365. All the features are requested by our Workspace 365 community, if you have any great ideas which might be useful to others please let me know.

1. Use colors to speed up navigation

With Workspace 365 we want to simplify the access to both web- and legacy applications. By doing this people can access their applications fast and they have overview in their applications. By using a uniform workspace with clear icons they are able to quickly find the application which they need. But to speed up the accessibility it is now possible to give individual tiles colors. By recognizing the colors people will see the application they need within a blink. If you don’t go psycho with the colors this will surely give more overview on the workspace.


2. Feedback from Workspace 365

To continue improving the workspace we’ve started multiple projects to retrieve more feedback from the people who use Workspace 365. One of these projects was adding a simple feedback button to the user-menu. This allows them to share what they like or what we can improve and helps us to continue developing based on the users-voice.


I am very curious on your thoughts about this update and Workspace 365, please let me know if you have great ideas yourself. Haven’t got your own workspace yet, try our free demo instead. Would you like to receive release notifications? Please go to our Support Portal to set it up.

Kind regards,
Mark Grasmayer
Product Evangelist


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