Whether you are using your workspace on your mobile or desktop, you are going to love the newest Workspace 365 features.

We have added a new dark theme to the workspace, alongside a new intranet functionality that will encourage collaboration throughout your whole organisation. Strap in and let’s find out more about the newest update.

Introducing the Dark theme

We are pleased to introduce you to the new Workspace 365 dark theme, one of our most requested features. The new theme will increase the contrast between the text and the background and improve readability, making it easier to read the content in low light, thereby reducing eye strain.

Users will now be able to choose the dark theme via the settings in the top right corner of the workspace. As a user, you can set your own preferences, even per device. For example, you can choose the light theme on your desktop and the dark theme on your tablet or smartphone.

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This first version of the dark theme will be a Beta version as we feel there are still some areas we can improve in. This is why we hope to receive your valuable feedback in the upcoming weeks to further improve this new theme. Please make sure you share your comments in the “new feature” dialogue represented by the “gift” icon in the top right corner of your workspace.

Configuring the theme settings

Of course, administrators will be given the opportunity to configure the dark theme by selecting a primary color. This allows you to still incorporate your own brand color, while using the dark theme.

We understand that choosing the right primary color can be challenging for some, which is why we will guide you in the process. When picking the primary color, we will show you the optimal contrast ratio (based on industry standards), which means you’ll know right away if the chosen color is suitable for a dark theme or not. If the primary color for the dark theme is not configured by an administrator, the user will be able to use the default theme created by us.

Add personal information to user profiles

It’s now possible to add personal information to your profile card in the workspace. For example, working days, skills, expertise, projects you are working on and much more. This way you can find people based on keywords, skills, projects or types of education via the search function in the address book and live tiles.

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This new feature is one of our newest intranet updates, which will make it even easier to work together! A new way to collaborate with each other and find the people with the skills you are searching for.

  • Add information to your profile that you want to share with your colleagues
  • Autocomplete will show the suggested tags as you are typing
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Improved loading speed of the Global Search

To help users find the right information quicker than before we have improved the loading speed of the Global Search functionality. Previously, the Global Search would wait to show the results until all the data was found. With this update, the results will now be shown in order of arrival. This way, the first thing that comes back from the database will be displayed directly after your search command and the list with results will just expand.

New licensing page

The final improvement of this update is the added licensing page, which is only relevant for admins. The licensing page will help admins to get rid of the administrative hassle and give them more control of the workspace licenses, packages and a clear overview of users.

Right now, it is only possible to view known data, gathered in one overview. This is based on the billing from Workspace 365. Admins can check User provisioning on the page, to manage licensing from the workspace. This is a choice that the admins can make themselves.

  • The active users are shown with an active or inactive label.
  • Admins can make licenses active or inactive based on their needs. And for groups as well. This all depends on how you integrated the active directory integration.
  • It is now also possible to export the overview as a CSV file, giving you the possibility to manage licensing in another system if needed.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update, but we have some other improvements for you:

  •  If you don’t add a media element (image or video) to your Hub item then we will now show a default image in the item.
  • When there are no reactions to a comment, we will hide the reaction counter.

Do you want to receive Workspace 365 release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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