Next to simplifying work for Workspace 365 users, we also want to simplify work for admins. As more and more apps shift to the cloud and become available more easily it’s important that the administration of those applications also becomes easier. So we asked our partners “How can we help your admins to save time and simplify their work?”

The main feedback we got was on the way to organize groups as this takes a lot of time within Citrix, Office 365 and other solutions when setting up new users.

In Workspace 365 you could already create groups of apps and select users, but now we’ve taken the next step. You can now create user groups within Workspace 365 allowing you to automate which settings, permissions and applications new users get when they enter your company! This allows you to set up an entire workspace within seconds, giving new users all the apps they need.

What can you do with these groups? At this moment not much yet, but as we roll out new updates faster than a peregrine falcon, you will soon be able to assign groups of apps and app permissions to user groups. The reason we are already rolling out this part of Group Management is to allow you to prepare your groups while we finish and test the upcoming functionalities.

Would you like to try it? Then open your workspace, go to your settings and Group Management, have fun! Don’t have a workspace yet? Try our demo instead.

ps. check out all the features our team worked on.

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