We are excited to introduce A.I. in the workspace to give you more time for your work. We’ve developed three features that will improve the digital employee experience by simplifying access to applications in the workspace. Focus on your core tasks and we take care of the rest 😉  

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Quick access to your most used apps in the frequent tile group

For many tasks people have to spend their day switching from application to application to find data to perform actions. While you may have created a personal workspace that works for you, we want to help you to spend even less time accessing applications.  

That is why the first thing you will see when you open your workspace is the frequently used apps. This will automatically adjust based on the type of device that you use and will learn from your behavior when you access applications using the workspace. 

Opening several applications can easily cost you a couple of minutes per day. Imagine how those seconds turn into hours and hours into days that you could’ve spent on more important tasks. After all, we care about simplicity and about your time. That’s the reason why we created this new feature for you to create a happy work-life! 

How to set-up your frequent tile group

As this feature saves a lot of unproductive hours it will be visible in your workspace by default. However, if you’re an admin, you have the power to turn off this feature for you and others in your team.  

The moment you start using this new feature, you won’t see any application sorted in your frequent tile group yet. However, when you do start accessing applications from your workspace, it will learn what apps you use most in your workspace and it will show you these apps in the frequent tile group. 

Frequently used tiles

Add tiles from the app store

To make it easier for you to add tiles to your workspace we made it possible to add applications from the app store. Before, when you wanted to add tiles to the workspace, you had to click the ‘add tiles’ button in the top left corner. Titles were shortened and it was hard to see what the application entailed.  

From now on, anyone can add applications from the app store. Additionally, you can also request applications in the app store. This new feature gives you a better overview and eventually saves you heaps of time!  

Add tiles from app store

New design when no results are present

Imagine: you’re looking for a document in the Global Search Bar. Unfortunately, the document couldn’t be found. The ‘no result’ page looked exactly how you are feeling at that time: a bit off.

Luckily, we have improved the design of the ‘no result’ page, which lights up the situation. The Global Search bar, Activity Feed, announcements, contacts and Appstore will show you this new design when no results can be found. In the future we will adapt this feature to more functionalities.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update, but we have another improvement for you:

  • When opening your email in the workspace, the first email would automatically be marked as ‘read’. This could lead to you not reading and responding to this email, while it might be an important one.
    When you check the checkbox ‘Automatically mark emails as read’, the emails will not be marked as ‘read’, which will help to keep an overview of your emails.
Merel Saarloos

Merel Saarloos

Product Marketing

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