According to The National Association for Business Economics just one in ten organisations expect that all their staff members will return to the office. That’s why this update will provide CIOs, HR- and Communication managers the tools to increase the engagement between distributed and front-line workers!

This update gives you the possibility to congratulate your colleagues in the workspace, gives a clear overview of your (now stacked) announcements and offers a brand new announcement centre!

Don’t feel like reading? Discover the update in the video down below:

Improve engagement and news consumption

Previously you could already target announcements and news on individuals or groups. However, for larger organisations it is also important to offer a central location where people can find their announcements and news. That is why we launched the new Announcement Centre to everyone using Workspace 365 Adapt or Boost, giving an archive of all your announcements and news.

Find news by filtering on categories

With the announcement centre it is easy to filter categories, such as fun news, maintenance updates, companywide announcements, or department specific announcements for anyone within your organisation.

This allows Corporate Communication Managers to further increase the views of announcement and news. For example, one of our governmental customers uses it to share news on the topic of Returning To the Office and COVID updates. People in their organisation can now easily see the latest news on these topics and navigate between those announcements on the side.

filter on categories

Search for announcements and news

When you open the announcement centre you will also have the option to search for announcements or news. When people look for information they can simply type it in the box and we will search within the announcement heading and content.

search announcements

See the author of announcements

As many of you requested, we also made it easier to spot the person who wrote the announcement by putting their name at the top of the announcement. This makes the announcements more personal and eventually boosts your engagement.

Additionally, it will also help people to ask questions about topics when they need more information. At this moment, if you push content from an existing content management system or external source (like SharePoint or an intranet) to the announcements using an API, it will not show the author.

author of announcements

News and announcements on any device (yes, also your mobile)

We discovered that people also love reading the announcements or company news on their mobile devices. That is why we made sure that the announcement centre looks great on any device.

This allows front-line workers to read the latest announcements on their tablet or mobile phone while traveling to work, or highly engaged workers to secretly read the announcements on their mobile while sitting at a restaurant with their partner (Ps. if this is you, stop being a workaholic 😉).

Want to learn more about increasing the engagement of employees using a digital workspace? Read this article with 8 great examples.

Easily congratulate colleagues to stimulate connections

With this new update people can now congratulate colleagues directly from the workspace. This might feel like a nice gimmick, but pre-COVID-19 most colleagues would see each other daily, which made it way easier to get to know each other and improve the culture within your organisation.

Now those times have changed and most of us will move to a hybrid-worklife once the pandemic settles down. Still it’s important to connect with each other and that’s where the idea of the birthday-tile came from.

Simply add the Birthday tile to your workspace to see people their birthdays, write a birthday message and send them. The person receiving the message will get a notification in their Activity Feed with your message.

No more hassle switching platforms to congratulate people on their birthday. We’re here to bring it all to one place, because isn’t that what makes Workspace 365 so unique? Not only does this help increase engagement within your organisation, it also helps people to connect with each other while working from different locations.

birthday wishes

More overview: Stack notifications in your Activity Feed

To reduce the amount of applications that people have to check we created the Activity Feed. One central locations that unites all the important tasks, notifications and announcements. Before, all these notifications were shown as separate cards, now we allow you to stack announcements in your activity feed based on categories.

As an admin you can add the category using the Activity Feed API, this is something we would recommend as in the near future we’re will add an option where you can give people full control whether they want to receive notifications of a certain category. This will give them the power to control the information flows that they have to monitor.

Want to learn more about what you can do with the Activity Feed? The amount of possibilities to receive notifications and integrate applications within your digital workspace are endless, so here are 26 examples of notifications for the Activity Feed that you can apply today.

stack notifications

Create the future: Join the Innovator Circle

To constantly improve our adaptive workspace to cater to the needs and wishes of our customer and partners, we need feedback from our partners and customers.

When you join the Innovator Circle you’ll get the first looks at new designs and upcoming developments. This way, you can help us shape the ultimate digital workspace.

You can give feedback in the way you prefer: online sessions, through mailings or both! So what are you waiting for? Join the Innovator Circle and share your vision on the workspace of the future!

Merel Saarloos

Merel Saarloos

Product Marketing

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