If you are a regular reader of our update blogs, you might have noticed that we are all about making the workspace as efficient as possible. This means reducing the time loss caused by switching between applications and making everything available based on conditions, such as your role. With the two new integrations that we’ll present to you today, we hope you’ll get an even better experience within the workspace.

Technology independent Digital Workplace

In the past years a lot of businesses adopted solutions, like virtual desktops or end-to-end management, very rapidly. Now, CIO’s and IT leaders are re-evaluating their IT environments to make them future proof and cost efficient.

Employees usually don’t care about the technology; they want to focus on their work. That is why we want to help IT leaders to help the end-users to access everything they need from one portal.

That is why we also integrate with many virtual desktop solutions, like Nutanix Frame, Citrix Workspace, Microsoft Azure Virtual desktop. And today, we are proud to introduce new integrations to help customers merge all their technologies in one portal.

If you want to learn more about our movement to a vendor agnostic workspace, continue reading here.

Quickly launch Liquit applications from Workspace 365

As we received a lot of requests for an integration with Liquit, we wanted to make this a priority in this release.

What is Liquit and why do organisations use it?

Liquit is an end-to-end application management platform. People can use it to access applications based on their access rights and contextual awareness with a unified user experience. Furthermore, it provides IT managers with a way to distribute software and allows them to manage releases and patches throughout their organisation. Within Liquit you have 4,000 curated applications and a staged deployment process to configure, release and deploy applications.

How we integrate Liquit applications in the digital workspace

Easily add the Liquit tile group to your workspace by opening the app store and select the app. You’ll get to see all the Liquit applications in your live tile, without having to open the portal first.  The accessibility of application shortcuts in the live tile is based on the configuration in the Liquit Workspace management portal. If you’d like to read more about integrating Liquit into your personal workspace, please visit our Support Portal.

Why would you use Liquit within Workspace 365?

This integration will help end-users to switch less between portals. Within Workspace 365 they can access all their applications, company news, activities, and processes. By bringing the applications from Liquit to the workspace, people will be able to directly access applications within a single click, all from one portal. This will not only save them time, it will also help them to stay engaged with company communications.

Liquit App update blog

Launch your VMware Horizon app directly from the workspace

What is VMware Horizon and why do organisations use it?

VMware offers virtualisation and cloud computing software. It allows organisations to share recourses, tools and data between various platforms. One of the tools they offer is VMware Horizon. This allows end-users to access applications in a secured and managed virtual desktop.

Why would you integrate VMware Horizon in your digital workspace?

With this new integration you’ll easily access VMware horizon applications, without having to visit the VMware application portal.

By bringing the VMware applications into the workspace you offer them in the same place where people find their recent documents, news, activities and more. This will provide people with a better digital employee experience on all their devices. As an admin you will also be able to set conditional access on the applications. By doing this you can decide if people are able to access the applications outside the company network, on their mobile device, on specific operating systems and much more.

What if I don’t have VMware Horizon?

If you are currently using another virtual desktop solution, the chance is big that we integrate it within the workspace. So, if you are for example considering moving from Citrix Workspace to VMware Horizon, you will be able to do that without impacting the flow of accessing applications for people in your organisation. As they will now be able to click on the name of the application in their Workspace 365 environment and it doesn’t matter to them what technology is used to open the application.


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Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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