Integrate your digital workspace into Microsoft Teams and get more information on your appointments in your workspace using Workspace 365: that’s what’s in store for you in update 3.24! We’re excited – are you? Then let’s get straight into it!

Digital workspace within Microsoft Teams

With Workspace 365 we enable you to always bring everything you need together in one central place. This was already possible in the browser from any device. Now since last year a large part of the workforce has started working from home and Microsoft Teams has grown to more than 115 million daily users, we make it possible to bring all your relevant applications, information and processes from Workspace 365 together in Microsoft Teams.

Stop switching, start working

We enable you to provide people a single point of entry for all their work throughout their day, whether that is in Workspace 365, an intranet or within Microsoft Teams.

That is why you can now use any functionality of Workspace 365 within Microsoft Teams. This allows people to open any application with a single click (local-, hosted- and web applications). But it also allows people to access their Document App to access files from SharePoint, OneDrive or the fileserver. All from your Microsoft Teams.

This enables people who use Microsoft Teams a lot, to unite all the elements they work with in one place. Allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of both.

Teams within Workspace 365

It was already possible to integrate Microsoft teams into Workspace 365. From Workspace 365 you can easily search for channels, documents and reach people. You can try this in a free demo.

Instant information on calendar appointments

Workspace 365 aims to simplify your workday: making complex systems and processes easy, uniting everything you need and bringing more information to your workspace, reducing the amount of times you need to switch between applications. And that is exactly what we did this update with your calendar appointments.

We are bringing the information from your calendar appointments straight to your workspace with the new information dialog. In this dialog, you can view the attendees of an appointment, navigate to the Outlook Web App or instantly join an online meeting. You just simply click on the calendar event in the Calendar live tile or the Activity feed to open this dialog.

This way, you can get more information right away with just one click, without having to open any other application. This saves you time on a daily basis – time you can spend doing more important things.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • We’ve added the option to not sync user avatars to the Azure AD Sync Tool
  • We’ve improved the date/time visualisation throughout the workspace
  • We’ve removed the Business Apps from Workspace 365

Are you curious about all new features, fixes and improvements of this update? Check out the announcements.

Open the announcements

View these new features in your Workspace 365 environment. Don’t have your own Workspace 365 environment or didn’t receive the update yet? Then try our free demo. Do you want to receive release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Don’t see the update yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider. 

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