Cleaning up your codebase and removing unused functionalities are essential in any product. This release, we have spent time doing exactly that whilst performing essential housekeeping. Besides housekeeping, we have also introduced a new set of icons to make navigating your workspace even easier as well as finding the functionality you are looking for.

As we are reaching the end of the calendar year we would also like to inform you about some of the cool features that we will present to you at the beginning of the New Year. Some of these features are quite extensive which means we will be working on them for more than just one development sprint. They require research, as well as work on areas of the product you don’t see as an end-user.

Of course, we appreciate you would like to know what it is we are preparing for, so we are giving you a sneak peek at what is coming up in 2023! Quickly scroll down to find out more!

New Workspace 365 icons

We are continuously working on improving our user experience and interface. This means reviewing the use of features, our interface design, and the trends and needs of the market. Part of this is the use of icons to identify functionalities and actions, making sure they identify what they represent and help you navigate around your workspace.

In this release, we have introduced a new set. The old one could use a refresh and did not always suit our needs in terms of representing functionalities the way we wanted. With this new icon set, we now have access to a significantly larger library of images, allowing us to always select the best one for the job.

Event calendar and management in the Hub

As part of the “Hub” project, we are already preparing for another feature we know a lot of you are very excited about.

Early next year, the “Events” feature is coming to the Hub! It will introduce an event calendar allowing organisations to create and manage events for a wide variety of audiences. Think about company- or department-specific activities you want your colleagues to be aware of and engage with. For example, an office party or a yearly ski-trip. You can also promote training sessions and have colleagues register for that.

Plenty of possibilities to create awareness of important company milestones and give event organisers the tools to properly showcase their event and manage attendees. It will also make sure users are always aware of what is coming up in order to keep track of important activities. 

Check out a sneak preview below! 👇🏼

Preview events in the Hub

Create even more engaging content in the Hub

Another way to engage users is creating great looking content. Of course, we cannot write the content for you, but we can assist you in the way you present it. One of the cool features we are currently focusing on is a new content creation experience. It will provide content creators with the option to include and position different types of content (text, images, video, tables, etc.) in a wide variety of layouts (news, announcements, knowledge articles, etc.).

This way, you can focus on specific items and publish dynamic content that appeals to different types of readers.

Integrating more 3rd party solutions

One of the strengths of a truly adaptive workspace is its ability to visualise essential information and allow interaction with key functionalities from other 3rd party applications. In the coming months we will start working on extending our integration foundation. It is our goal to not only build these integrations ourselves, but also allow partners and customers to participate. Resulting in a collaborative ecosystem of different types of smart integrations to boost productivity and simplify work life!

Do you want to receive Workspace 365 release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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Nadia Hop

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