The holidays are coming upon us and many communication departments are already finishing their Christmas messaging. Is your organisation also ready to engage with employees? In this update we have some new features that will make it easier to engage with your hybrid workforce. We have created some amazing new features for you that will improve working in your digital workspace! Such as the improvements of the Announcements Centre, Activity Feed and Global Search Bar.

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Search for announcements and news in the global search bar

In the last updates, we have talked about many new features for the Announcement Centre and now… We are back with another addition! This time we will make it easier to search announcements. With the new tab in the global search bar, we’ve made it possible to find announcements without going to the Announcement Centre. This new feature will also be available for those who use the workspace on a mobile device.

Announcements global search

Mobile improvements: Mobile search page

One of the most important things of a digital workspace is being able to quickly find information wherever you are. That is why the search page on mobile devices now opens a new search page. This gives a better overview of the items you are looking for. On the search page you can simply type the item that you are looking for and filter the results based on the category.

Mobile search

Email is now marked as read in the Activity Feed

Remember when we told you about turning on or turning off notifications in your Activity Feed? We now have added a new feature to this! When you have email notifications in your Activity Feed, the notifications will now automatically change to ‘read’ when you have opened the email in your mailbox.

Renewed Support Portal

Each update we improve the workspace and share the latest information on how you can use it to simplify work (and to save a lot of time). In this update, we also want to present our new Support Portal.

Our Customer and Technical Success teams collaborated to improve the information and to reduce the time that people spend searching on the Support Portal. That is why there are some great improvements:

  • The Support Portal is now optimised for mobile devices
  • The home page shows the latest announcements
  • When you are logged in, you will see your latest tickets
  • For partners: sales and marketing support materials are now available on the Partner Portal (as well as Certifications)

All of this makes it easier to navigate to the information that you need to do your work.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update, but we have another improvement for you:

  • The language of certain apps, such as email, address book, people, calendar, birthdays, announcements, and shortcuts will now automatically be translated to the language that you selected in settings.

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