Benefit from Workspace 365 applications and settings, even if you’re using a different platform! We’re bringing this and a variety of other new awesome features and improvements to your workspace with update 3.25. For example, we’re introducing the new Schedule Micro App for education, with the first connection being Zermelo, and increased the security by preventing you from opening infected files. And there’s even more, so keep on reading!

Open Workspace 365 apps from other platforms

What if you want to benefit from all Workspace 365 has to offer, but you’re tied to your current platform? No problem! We want you to take advantage of the Workspace 365 apps, properties and management possibilities all the same.

You were already able to embed shared tile groups into your current platform using iFrames. But this update, we’re making bringing Workspace 365 apps to your current platform even easier, using app links. Whether these applications are in the browser, local, from Citrix or Clientless RDP; access everything with one click, literally from wherever you are. Even if that’s on a platform outside of Workspace 365.

App links to for instant access

It is now possible to get an app link from every app in your workspace, and add them to your another platform, such as your intranet. As shortcuts, as it were. When clicking on one of those links, you instantly open the application.

Create app links

Secure with consistent authentication

The beauty of using these app links on another platform, is the fact that you still benefit from the same authentication as you would in Workspace 365. People can only access the information they’re meant to access – not just anyone can use the link.

Note: this is another step in a process of seamless integration between your systems. At the moment, the development of an API is in progress to make integrating Workspace 365 applications into other platforms even easier.

Education Micro App: Schedules for students and teachers

One of the most important things each day for a student or teacher, is the class schedule. You always want to have instant insight into which class you have, when, and where. Whether you’re at home behind your laptop, in the train on your way to school or walking through the halls with your phone. 

And that’s exactly what we’re giving teachers and students with this update, with the introduction of the Schedule Micro App for education. It will first be released with a connection to Zermelo. 

What is Zermelo?

Zermelo offers a scheduling system for high schools. In their system, schedules can be made even at individual student level, exam weeks can be efficiently organised, new timetablers can be educated, and much more. As market leader in the Netherlands, Zermelo’s system is used at over 320 locations throughout the Netherlands by over 500,000 students.

Zermelo Micro App

Unite class schedules with everything else you need

Micro Apps enable you to bring tasks and information from separate applications and systems together in one place; your adaptive workspace. In doing so, they enable you to instantly view information and perform tasks, without having to switch or login again. This can save you up to 60 minutes a day!

So with our new Schedule Micro App, with the connection to Zermelo, you can immediately see when and where your next class is, whenever you open your workspace. All your class information is automatically displayed in the Micro App, so you don’t manually have to enter each class into your schedule. See which class you have, at what time, and in what classroom. Without having to open and switch between any other system.

What system do you want to connect to the Schedule Micro App?

This introduction of the Schedule Micro App comes with the first connection to Zermelo, but this will definitely not be the last. Because this scheduling application can be connected to other systems as well!

So are you using a scheduling system and want to connect it to the Workspace 365 Scheduling Micro App? Let us know! Request your system through the Roadmap on our Support Portal.

Micro Apps process v1

Prevent people from downloading infected files

You need to be able to work with documents safely and confidently. If a file is saved in your workspace, we don’t want you to have any doubts whether you can open it or not.

That is why we added a new security measure that will prevent you from opening infected files from SharePoint. If you’ve saved a file in SharePoint that may contain a virus or malware, the Workspace 365 now displays a warning icon on that file. If you try to open it, a dialog will appear, telling you that the file in question may be infected, and that you can’t open it.

Protect your work & organisation

This new functionality will protect both you, and your organisation. Because a human error by one person can have a detrimental impact on your work, as well as the security of the entire organisation. Now, you’ll be able to work with your files more securely.

Improved Settings page structure

The design and hierarchy of the Settings sidebar has been improved for admins. Besides a more logical layout, the new sidebar uses categories, which can be expanded, to improve the navigation experience. 

settings structure

New feature icon

With this release, we introduce a ‘New features’ sidebar, which can be opened from the workspace header. In the sidebar, the most relevant new features are displayed to the user. This way, everyone is instantly and easily informed on the new functionalities of their adaptive workspace.

New feature icon

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • After 60 days, old activities in the Activity Feed will automatically be deleted 
  • We have added a page to inform people that Internet Explorer browser is no longer supported 

Are you curious about all new features, fixes and improvements of this update? Check out the announcements.

Open the announcements

View these new features in your Workspace 365 environment. Don’t have your own Workspace 365 environment or didn’t receive the update yet? Then try our free demo. Do you want to receive release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Don’t see the update yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider. 

Workspace 365 demo banner

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