In our latest updates we shared with you our intention to keep on building on the new features we have recently introduced. With that in mind, for this release, we have improved our mobile app experience by redesigning the Hub, as well as extending the capabilities of our Global Search feature to include even more sources.  

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New Hub experience on your mobile device

Since the release of our mobile app, we are constantly fine-tuning its usability based on your feedback. This is why we have paid special attention to making sure the design and user experience of the Hub are intuitive and simple to use.

We have slimmed down the Hub overview to maximise readability and allow more articles to be visible on screen, improving navigation. Besides the overview, we have also improved the reading experience by using the screen as efficiently as possible, making it even easier to interact with your content.

Optimised Single Sign-On (SSO) experience in the mobile app

One of the things you all love about Workspace 365 on desktop computers, is its ability to access links to other secured websites or SaaS applications. Being able to do this without having to log in again, saves considerable time and makes your life easier.

Because the Workspace 365 mobile app is now installed as a native app, we need to make sure we can support the same functionality and offer the same seamless experience, whether you are on a desktop computer or on a mobile device.

Our new in-app browser takes care of this by making sure you stay connected to your Workspace 365 session, even when you visit an external website or SaaS application.

In app browser EN

New additions to our global search

Being able to find the information, applications, people, or documents you need in a simple and quick way, prevents frustrations and encourages accuracy and diligence from employees. This is why our global search feature is the beating heart of your digital workspace.

Making sure it stays this way, is the exact reason we keep improving the overall experience, as well as adding more sources to gain access to the information most relevant to you.In this update, we have added two new components.

Integration OpenIMS

The first one is a 3rd party integration with the Document Management System (DMS) OpenIMS from OpenSesame ICT. This integration was created to allow customers to search their OpenIMS  directly from the comfort of their global search in Workspace 365.

Knowledge items in the global search

The second one focuses on the ability to search for knowledge articles. We have introduced knowledge articles to the Hub a few months ago which included its own search function, but it was not yet connected to the global search feature. As of now, you can find knowledge even faster based on title, or associated tags.

These are two new examples of helping you simplify the way you can find what you are looking for, without having to navigate away from your digital workspace.

Knowledge items in global search EN

Increased insights with audit logging

The number of employees within an organisation who need access to the configuration of Workspace 365 is increasing due to a growing need for control delegation. Making individuals or groups within communities or departments responsible for managing content within their digital workspace, is essential in encouraging ownership.

A first step in creating insight into what happens with the configuration of Workspace 365 is the introduction of Audit logging. Audit logging tracks the activities performed by administrators of the workspace and allows organisations to better troubleshoot issues related to settings and configuration.

Depending on your role, you can find the “Audit logging” in the new “Insights” section within your Workspace 365 settings page.

What else is new

The features above are the main update highlights, but we also have some other interesting enhancements for you:

  • At the introduction of our knowledge base, we offered a limited number of categories and articles in the Adapt subscription and unlimited access in the Boost subscription. We have spoken to both customers and partners and agreed on the fact that we wanted to make the knowledge base accessible to a broader audience. This is why we have decided to remove the limitation in the Adapt subscription and allow our customers to create an unlimited number of categories and articles without the need to upgrade to Boost.

  • Just like in the last update, we have introduced several enhancements regarding accessibility and readability. For example:
    We now calculate the optimal colour (i.e., dark or light) for text/icons on elements with a primary/header background colour. The branding setting to use optimal colours for text/icons in (live) tiles is removed, as we do it by default.

Do you want to receive Workspace 365 release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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