In this update we have improved the user experience for people who use Workspace 365 on a mobile device with the newly added navigation bar on top on your mobile workspace. We’ve also added Single Sign-On (SSO) to Microsoft Teams for Workspace 365 and we now allow you to use Conditional Access for Linux and give admins the possibility to embed personal tile groups within external portals!

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Embed a personal tile group

An education organisation asked us if we could make it possible to embed a personal tile group into an intranet environment. Of course, we grabbed the challenge with both hands. Before, this was only possible for shared groups. We can proudly say that you can now embed a personal tile group via an iFrame within the intranet you’re using.

Embedded tile groups

Implement Workspace 365 in your intranet

We offer the possibility to let a user embed their favorite application and drop it in a website, intranet or other external portal. This feature isn’t automatically active. To turn on this new feature, please contact your IT partner.

Use Single Sign-On in Microsoft Teams for Workspace 365

In a previous update we announced that you can now use Workspace 365 in Microsoft Teams. When you signed into Teams, you still needed to sign into your personal workspace. Since ‘make it simple’ is one of our core values, we felt the need to make Single Sign-On (SSO) available for the workspace within Microsoft Teams. Once you’re logged into Microsoft Teams, you’ll automatically also be logged into your workspace. This way it will take you less time to open your personal workspace in Teams, so you’ll have more time to focus on your core tasks!

Activate SSO in Microsoft Teams

Simply log in to your Microsoft Teams account and you’ll also be automatically logged into your digital workspace. However, the admin must complete certain tasks to make this available. Read this article on our Support Portal for more information.

SSO Teams

Improved mobile layout

In update 3.34 we announced our very exciting new mobile browser layout, which is now made more user-friendly. The new improvement of the mobile layout is the tile group navigation bar at the top of the mobile workspace. This new feature gives you the possibility to scroll horizontally to select a group. When you scroll down the menu bar remains visible, always showing which group you are viewing. Quickly find the right folder, navigate through your personal workspace and save more time!

Mobile tabs bar

Conditional Access now supports Linux / Unix operating systems

Some organisations use devices running on a Linux/Unix operating system. By supporting these operating systems, the admin is now able to use conditional access for those devices. This allows an admin to disable or hide an application when someone’s using Linux/Unix.

For example, an employee in your organisation is able to open their workspace on any device, while keeping sensitive applications only visible and accessible on the Linux/Unix device.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update, but we have another improvement for you:

  • For the Zermelo Micro App, you can use two different views: week and day view. Additionally, the workspace will now automatically save the view you chose last.
  • Details like creation, modification dates, version history and author will now be saved when moving or copying files and folders within the Documents App (file servers excluded)

Keep meta data

Merel Saarloos

Merel Saarloos

Product Marketing

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