Man oh man, we’ve got three features ready that will help you have a better experience throughout your day when working from the workspace. The workspace will fit better with your corporate branding, it will be even easier to search documents and it will be easier for admins to manage app groups. Let’s dive into it.

Find the right document using the Global Search

Finding the right document using Global Search is now made much easier! Before, the Global Search would suggest documents that included the search term in the document title. However, you can now click on ‘More results’ to look in the content of documents.

How does this work? Simply search for the words that you want to search a documents content by. Next, you’ll get to see a button with ‘more results’. By clicking this button, you’ll get to see a whole list with every document that contains the word(s) that you typed in.

So not only it will search through the titles of the documents, but also the content of the document! Which makes it so much easier to find that one document where you forgot the title of, but not the topic! Additionally, you can filter on modified date and document type. With this new feature, you’ll save time in the Document App, which you can now spend on more important tasks.

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Adjust the background to your branding style

As the workspace is adaptive we want to allow communication managers to adjust the workspace to their branding guides. Previously, you could already change the colors of the tiles, workspace logo, sign in logo and home logo. And now admins in the workspace will also have the possibility to upload a custom background to a branding set. This background will then be used as a background for the spaces of all the users within a branding set.

The whole background will be filled with the image. This enriches the branding of the organisation you’re in and contributes to a branded workspace. If an organisation has multiple brands operating in the same workspace, they can all have their own branding set, with their own backgrounds.

How to adjust the background?

To change the background, simply open the settings panel in your workspace and click on the tab ‘branding’. Here you can change the background of all users to your taste. We’d recommend to use light or transparent colours (close to the original company colours), so the background doesn’t distract the user.

Add tiles directly to the tile group in the app store

In a previous update we talked about adding apps to your workspace from the app store. Now, users and admins can directly add apps from the app store to a personal group. However, admins will have the rights to add apps to shared groups in the workspace.
Open the app store and choose the application you’d like to add to the workspace. Next, you’ll get to see an option to add this application to an existing group or you can create a new (shared) group. After making a decision, the application will be immediately added to the workspace.

What else is new?      

The features above are the highlights of this update, but we have another improvement for you:

  • You can now open shortcuts from the workspace when embedded in Microsoft Teams.
  • You can now turn off the frequently used tiles as a user. Simply open the tab ‘settings’ by clicking on your profile picture. Then, choose ‘ workspace management’ and tick the box ‘enable your frequently used tiles’.
Turn off your frequently used tiles ENG

Do you want to receive Workspace 365 release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Not able to see the new features yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider.

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Merel Saarloos

Merel Saarloos

Product Marketing

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