In the last two years a lot of remote workers faced challenges when they experienced IT issues and no one was around to help them with these problems. With the world slowly opening up again, we see that a lot of people either switched occupations or are at least thinking of it, because of COVID-19. This results in a staff shortage in heaps of industries. If only there was a way to close this gap…

Improved responsive design of email on mobile devices

In this new update we can now proudly share that the email app in the workspace is made responsive to all mobile devices! We made huge improvements in the responsiveness on mobile devices, which results in spending less time finding or replying to emails from your mobile device.

This improvement is especially convenient for those who are on the road most of the time. Think of healthcare workers, teachers or construction workers.

Update Email mobile design

The importance of User Experience Design in the digital workspace

You and me both use various applications throughout our day on our mobile device. May it be for personal or professional use. Have you ever noticed how a great user experience adds so much to a digital workspace?

Design is the key to a great user experience in the digital workspace. All the reponsive designs are made to simplify your journey in the application. You shouldn’t have to be a tech-savvy person to find your way around an application. Especially when you work remotely most of the time (we’re looking at you, healthcare workers and teachers!). The more a design is improved for user experience, the faster you’ll find your way around the workspace and the more time you save!

Improve the digital employee experience to prevent staff shortage

When you save time filling in data, you can use this saved time on more important (primary) tasks. This means that less people will be needed to do those primary tasks, since you saved time. As an article of CAP, The Center for American Progress, states: ‘’Better-quality jobs are associated with lower turnover, higher productivity, and less time and money spent on hiring and training new workers’’.

Improve your digital emloyee experience, boost productivity and save more time! Want to find out how? Check out our 10 tips on how to improve the digital employee experience.

What else is new?

The feature above is the highlight of this update, but we three other improvements for you:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop will now be called Azure Virtual Desktop in the workspace due to the name change by Microsoft.
  • The ‘no results’ page in the email and documents folder is re-designed with a new icon and new text.
  • You’ll now have the possibility to update the current Single Sign-On app. Users might need to login again after this update.

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Try Workspace 365 for yourself?

Thank you, we will send you the demo after you confirmed your mail address.

Try Workspace 365 for yourself?

Thank you, we will send you the demo after you confirmed your mail address.