Styling in the front, big projects in the back(-end)! This update, we made several styling improvements to the workspace, improved our Yammer Micro App and introduced the week view for the Schedule Micro App for Education, with the connection to Zermelo. Also, we’ve been working on some big things behind the scenes, and we’re asking your input; for now and in the future! So let’s go check out what this update brings.

Share your opinion: The App Request Flow & the Innovator Circle!

Before we go further into the features and improvements of this update, we have something exciting to share with you: the introduction of the new Innovator Circle. Consisting of… you! Our partners and customers!

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If you have an opinion, we want to know it – the good, the bad, the ugly, and of course the constructive.

Because we build our adaptive workspace based on the needs and wishes of our customers and partners. And who better to tell us about them than you: our customers and partners!

As part of our Innovator Circle, you’ll receive first looks at designs and upcoming developments, and help us shape them by giving us a piece of your mind. Do this in the way you prefer: through mailings, online sessions, or both. Together, we create the ultimate digital workspace.

Naturally, you can sign up without any obligations, and easily unsubscribe at any time.

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The App Request Flow: what do you think?

The first thing we’re working on right now and would love your opinion on is the app request flow: a functionality we want to introduce to enable a self-service for employees, make the process of requesting new applications easier for both employees and the IT service desk, and realise significant time savings, while maintaining sufficient application management. And as we know that many of our customers have tools to deliver the applications, the next step will be to connect it to those application delivery systems.

Get a first peak at the designs:

App flow

We want to hear what you think! So, sign up for the Innovator Circle to share your opinion!

See more relevant information in the Yammer Micro App

Recently, Yammer experienced several updates to improve the consistency between it and Microsoft 365. This included a boost in the intelligence of the feed using A.I. and machine learning, to show you the most important and relevant messages.

To embrace these Yammer updates, naturally we updated the Micro App as well! With these improvements, we wanted to enable a better way to show relevant information. We do this by now supporting the ‘Home’ feed, which is the default in Yammer, as well as the ‘All company’ feed, which was the default of the Micro App before. Now, you see all your most important and relevant information first.

Schedule week view for education (Zermelo)

We recently introduced the Schedule Micro App for Education, with a connection to scheduling software for educational institutions: Zermelo. With this Micro App, students as well as teachers can easily see which class they have, when, and where.

This update brings improvements to this Micro App with the new week overview. This way, you can get a clear overview of all classes, exams and breaks of an entire week, and you can easily browse through the weeks to come!

Schedule week view

Request your own Micro App connection

Would you like to connect your scheduling software to this Micro App? Let us know to make this happen! Request your connection or Micro App on our Support Portal.

Workspace styling improvements

Looks matter! That’s why this update we’ve spent time on improving the appearance of the workspace. For example, we’ve updated the typography and icons, and the titles and headings are now in a bold font.

This will improve the general look and feel of the workspace.

Workspace styling improvements

Which Micro App do you want to have in the workspace?

Within Workspace 365 we already integrate and simplify the usage of solutions like SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, AFAS and much more. We are very curious if there are any complex processes that we can simplify for your organisation. Please share how we can help your organisation on our feature request page.

What else is new?

The features above are the highlights of this update. But there’s more, such as:

  • An updated welcome email for new workspace users
  • The Support link on the landing page now opens in a new window

Are you curious about all new features, fixes and improvements of this update? Check out the announcements.

Open the announcements

View these new features in your Workspace 365 environment. Don’t have your own Workspace 365 environment or didn’t receive the update yet? Then try our free demo. Do you want to receive release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up.

Ps. Don’t see the update yet? Then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider. 

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