For the coming Workspace 365 update I’d like to show you five awesome features which really simplify your work and save you time. All these features were requested by our Workspace 365 community, so if you have ideas for great improvements do let me know. Let’s head over to the thing you came for, the new features (including improvements on SharePoint loading times):

1. Pushing Apps to a user (or group of users) Workspace 365 dashboard

This one is really easy. We now allow you to push apps to the users dashboard within 3 easy steps. Are you ready? Here they are.

Step 1. After creating a shared group, click the “people” icon to open group app management.

Step 2. Select the user(s) or user group(s) which you want to which you want to push the apps.

Step 3. Click “Done and make visible” and shaboom, they now see the apps from this group on their Workspace 365 dashboard.

2. Open Office Web Apps from Office 365 as you like them with Workspace 365

Some companies prefer to use the Office Web Apps without our user-interface to make it more consistent with the calendar. Others want to open the Office Web Apps in a new tab so they can continue to look up information in their workspace. And there are people who still prefer the “normal” method, opening Office 365 web apps with Workspace 365 with our user-interface. So we have listened and we now allow you to choose which works best for your company. To set it up go to your Workspace 365 admin settings page. Go to SharePoint Documents and choose your preferred method.


3. Enable all SharePoint libraries at once

When you possessed 600 SharePoint libraries and wanted to use Workspace 365 the admin had to manually switch on all of them, one-by-one. Speaking of ineffective right? That is why we have now created a simple button to switch on all the SharePoint libraries at once. This will save admins of large environments a lot of time.


4. Improved loading time on SharePoint

Each sprint we try to simplify work for both the users and the admins, so we did not forget about them. This sprint our team has worked really hard on improving the loading time in the Documents App for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business within Workspace 365. In the extremest case, the loading time was 10 times as fast!

5. Opening DMS from Business Apps

Another requested feature was to open linked folders in a new tab from your Business App. As seen below with this update you can click on the icon in front of the folder name and then the folder will open in a new tab, allowing you to manage the files from SharePoint or OneDrive for Business which you linked to the Business App.

Open SharePoint folder in W365 DMS in new tab

I am very curious on your thoughts about this update and Workspace 365, please let me know if you have great ideas yourself. Haven’t got your own workspace yet, try our free demo instead. Would you like to receive release notifications? Please go to our Support Portal to set it up.

Kind regards,
Mark Grasmayer
Product Evangelist


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