We are constantly improving the user experience of the digital workspace. That’s why we have three new features that will make it much easier and more efficient for people to find information in the workspace. Additionally, we allow people to easily contact colleagues via Microsoft Teams. Ready? Set? Go!

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Start Microsoft Teams chats or calls from your digital workspace

In the past updates we already allowed you to integrate Workspace 365 within Microsoft Teams and made it possible to find your teams within Microsoft Teams and documents. In this update we help you to start one-on-one conversations.

This new feature gives you the possibility to start a new call within Microsoft Teams or to open a conversation with your colleagues directly from the address book in your personal workspace.

Teams call and chat in Addressbook ENG

Additionally, you will also see the current status (from Teams) of people in your address book. This will help you to discover which colleagues are available, offline, out-of-office, away or, busy! 

User presence

Contacts in your address book are now sorted

In update 3.34 we announced the extended address book where you could filter people who are active as users in the workspace. With this newly added feature you will save time as you can now easily sort contacts in your address book by their name, surname, or job title. This way you can find whoever you need and contact them straight away!

Sorting Addressbook

Directly congratulate your colleague from the birthday tile

In a previous update we’ve talked about how you can now congratulate your colleagues directly from the Activity Feed. With this new update we’ve added a new option where you can also congratulate your colleagues directly from the birthday tile in your personal workspace.

When you sent them birthday wishes, an icon pops up to show that you’ve sent a message. This enables people within your organisation to engage and stimulates making new connections!

Live tile birthday wishes

Quickly edit the end-date of announcements

Creating announcements in the announcement centre might be one of the most beneficial feature for admins and communication managers within organisations.

In a previous update we talked about how you target announcement on specific departments, teams or individuals. Now, we have added a feature where you can change the due date of the announcement.

Sometimes you might want to change the end-date of an announcement. Take a broken coffee machine as an example. Imagine that you already made an announcement about the coffee machine that broke down a couple of days ago, but the repair is delayed.

Before, the announcement would simply disappear. So people might think the coffee machine is repaired, since the announcement disappeared.

Now, you can change the due date, which means you can set the due date to a later date, so people will know that the coffee machine is still broken. Prevent annoyance within a team or department by changing the due date and live a happy work life! 😉

Merel Saarloos

Merel Saarloos

Product Marketing

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