VDI exit plan: a roadmap for a smooth transition

Online session with Erik Nicolai, Co-Founder at Workspace 365


Are you thinking of moving away from VDI? You are not the only one. That is why we will share stories from customers who moved from VDI to a modern browser-based workspace, Workspace 365.  In this 30 minutes session you will learn:


Do you still need VDI?


A smooth transition (combining VDI and Workspace 365)


How can you reduce infrastructure and licensing costs?


How can you offer an easy-to-use and fast workspace?


How does our flexible licensing work?

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About Erik Nicolai

Workspace 365 Erik Nicolai

Ever since Erik Nicolai started working in IT, he is focused on simplifying complexity to boost people. After several management roles, Erik Nicolai started Workspace 365 in 2010. In his role he helped many companies to transition to a modern browser-based workspace.