How do you make sure that employees of a care home can focus on their main task again, the care, instead of wasting time searching for applications and information? For care home Bergweide, our partner ITSN had the answer: a personal, adaptive workspace which gives people access to all relevant applications and information with just one click.

Care home Bergweide, an independent care home in the Heerlen area, specialises in providing experience-focused care. This means that their goal is to enable people who are in the last phase of their lives to live like they lived at home. With this, IT is an important but supporting process. Therefore, care home Bergweide searched for a fast and accessible solution, which would support their employees instead of resulting in more work.

This lead to the selection of ITSN workspace, based on Workspace 365. ITSN brainstormed with care home Bergweide on what the employees needed and based on this, they created several personas for office personnel, care personnel and a combination of the two. With these personas, they set up digital workspaces that are tailored to both care home Bergweide and their employees and that make sure that people can work anytime, anywhere with relevant information and there’s no need to search anymore.

In this video, Jo Hendrickx, Facility Manager & Controller at care home Bergweide and Hans Hendrikx, Director and Co-Owner of ITSN, talk about the process, the implementation and the effect of the digital workspace on care home Bergweide.

Do you want to know more about the ITSN workspace? Learn more at ITSN.

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