Boosting MSPs

2021 – 8 episodes

In our Boosting MSPs series, CEO Erik Nicolai answers several questions about Workspace 365, our partner network and our relation to MSPs. In this video, Erik explains what drives Workspace 365, our mission and our goals.

Boosting MSPs.

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building a unique proposition

Building a Unique Proposition

We’ll look at how Workspace 365 can be the white-label solution that develops your brand identity and delivers an unbeatable value proposition.


digital workspace for education - uk edition

Digital workspace for Education

After our research among 79 educational institutions, it’s time for an online session. Find out more about the intranet and digital workspace for education.


Digital workspace for government - uk edition

Digital workspace for Government

In this session you’ll discover the trends we see for a digital workspace for Government and how to deal with legacy systems. Check out the session!


Trends for CIOs 2022

Trends for CIOs

In this session Matthew Plummer will dive into the expectations and potential challenges for CIOs for 2022. And what role the digital workspace has!

Digital transformation

The transition to a true digital workspace Larkmead

Rolling out the digital workspace

Discover how you, as an educational organisation, can ensure that the roll out and adoption of the digital workspace runs perfectly. 

Success stories

Simplify processes Allerdale

Simplifying processes

In this session you’ll discover what problems Allerdale solved and in what ways they simplified processes with their digital workspace.

Success stories

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Boost Microsoft 365

Boosting MSPs and VARs

We’ll explain how you can optimize the usage and increase the value of Microsoft 365 and all your services using Workspace 365 as MSP or VAR.

Boost Microsoft 365

Partner event the movement

Partner Event: The Movement

During this online partner event we’ll discuss why we work together with partners and how we help partners to be successful in 30 minutes.

The Movement

Beyond the pond UK edition

Beyond the Pond | UK Edition

Pioneering our Manchester office… what’s that like? Opportunity Spotter Rachelle will show you! Discover how she finds her way around Manchester in this vlog series 🎥


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Transition to the cloud

Transition to the cloud

How do you move away from the remote desktop and move to a modern browser-based workspace? Discover this and more in this online session.

Moving to the cloud

Elevate your intranet

Elevate your intranet

Over the past ten years we are researching how we can unite IT & communication. But why it’s important to unite the intranet and the digital workspace? Find out now!


Biggest IT frustrations

Biggest IT frustrations

What do students and teachers think about their digital workspace? We biked to several colleges and universities in Manchester and found out.