Update: With the YouTube app you can easily add the link of a video or playlist.

The web content live tiles give you endless possibilities to tailor the digital workspace to your demands. You can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, weather widgets, external news sources and many more. By doing this you integrate your live information together with your documents and applications within one role-based workspace. In this article I’d like to show how easy it is to set up a web content (iFrame) live tile within Workspace 365 using YouTube as an example. 

Adding web content (iFrame) live tiles 

For each web content tile the first steps are the same:

1. Log in as Admin
2. Go to Settings > Apps Management
3. Go to ‘Add new app’ and select ‘Web content’

app store web content

Example: Integrate YouTube in your digital workspace

With Workspace 365 you can create your own personalized intranet by integrating news and YouTube videos. By adding YouTube videos you can increase the adoption by including welcome or introduction videos. Next to this, it allows you to post company updates to those who don’t like to read. So, let’s integrate a YouTube video within your digital workplace.

After the first steps as described above you can follow these easy steps to integrate it in your workspace:

4. Go to the YouTube video which you’d like to integrate
5. Click ‘Share’ and ‘Embed’
6. Select the prefered Embed options (e.g. don’t show suggested videos to keep people focused on their work)

7. Copy and paste the Embed code in the Workspace 365 web content tile (as created in step 1 to 3):
New web content youtube

8. Edit the size within the embed code
In the embed code change the size of the video to the following:
<iframe width=”504“height=”304” 

9. Click Done to save these settings
10. Go to your Workspace 365 dashboard
11. Click ‘Add new tile’ and add your new tile with the size 8×6
12. Drag & drop your new YouTube video tile to the group which should see the video

workspace met webcontent

Voila, you’ve added a YouTube video to your digital workspace

It’s as easy as this. I hope you have a lot of fun creating a tailored digital workspace including embeded widgets and videos. Don’t have this feature yet? Then try our free demo. Do you want to receive release notifications? Go to the Support Portal to set this up. Ps. if you don’t see the update yet, then you’ll receive it shortly from your IT service provider. Let us know if you need any help.

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