Story and product tour of Workspace 365

Online session with Mark Grasmayer, Product Evangelist at Workspace 365

Online – 30 September – 16:00 (GMT+1, Amsterdam)

In this webinar, we’ll discuss our mission to unlock the power of people who do important work, by offering them a simple and adaptive workspace.

Discover how our new and improved features of 2020 contribute to achieving this mission.

Learn more about:


Our new global search, Micro Apps and API for the Activity feed


Our plans for the future


How the adaptive workspace supports our mission

Watch the Online Session

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About Mark Grasmayer

Erik Nicolai - CEO Workspace 365
Mark Grasmayer joined Workspace 365 in 2014 because he likes to connect people. By simplifying access to applications and information, we already help more than 3,000 organizations. There are over 150 managed service providers offering the adaptive workspace to their customers.