“Customer Success” is an increasingly common term, but what exactly is it and what do the Customer Success Makers of Workspace 365 do? In this article, we explain what it is and how we help our customers to become successful with the adaptive workspace, and our partners to make their customers successful.

Making people successful with IT

The title “Customer Success Maker” actually speaks for itself: they make customers successful with the adaptive workspace. The Workspace 365 Customer Success Team not only supports direct customers, but also helps our partners to make their customers successful. This goes beyond just technical support.

Support with ‘the soft side of IT’

The right technology, its design and proper implementation are an important part of the process to improve and simplify the way people work. But as said: it is only part of it.

We see an increasing need among customers for support on the soft side of IT. So here we’re not talking about technical matters, but about the entire process surrounding it and the people who will use the workspace. After all, these people are what it’s all about. Consider, for example, support in the form of best practices, strategic and tactical advice and guidance on an IT project.

The Customer Success process

The Customer Success Makers ensure that the entire process of the implementation of Workspace 365 runs well and in the right order. And more importantly: translating the customer’s challenges into a solution. Every project has a goal and every customer has something they want to achieve with the workspace. We help them do this.

We guide the process in a proactive and personal way and provide the right tools to support the process. Good preparation and clear communication are essential here.

Clear goals for measurable success

Success cannot be measured without goals. That is why at the beginning of the Customer Success process, we sit down together with the customer to set and define their goals. We look closely at their needs and how the implementation of the adaptive workspace and the new way of working can contribute to the achievement of the organisational goals. This gives direction to the process and ultimately helps determine its success.

From this moment on we will work proactively to achieve these goals together. This takes places structurally in the form of a number of predefined sessions, in which steps are taken towards achieving the set goals.

Support with adoption

As mentioned earlier, the technical aspect of the process is important, but the people are even more important. After all, the changes are made to make work easier for people and enable them to focus on what really matters. That is why it is important that all employees know how to use the workspace and actually embrace it as their new way of working.

Adoption is therefore an important part of Customer Success. We focus on the acceptance of the new workspace, enthusing and training employees, gathering data about how the workspace is used and collecting and processing feedback. This way, we not only ensure that people can easily use the workspace and that it improves their way of working, but we also collect the knowledge to further improve the workspace based on input of real people who use the workspace.

Want to know more about the adoption process? Check out the Embracing Workspace 365 whitepaper.

Customer Success is not a customer service or support helpdesk. Nor is it account management. Customer Success is the combination of the customer experience and the customer outcomes. In other words: if the customer is happy, we’re happy too. This way we help our partners to make their customers successful and we build relationships with our customers in which we help them to work better, and they help us to do that even better.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with the Customer Success team.

Georgia Post

Georgia Post

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