Working digitally? Sure, we’ve been doing that for a long time. We’ve been emailing and using computers for decades. What do you think?

Well, maybe … that much more is possible. Because that is indeed how it started, but if you don’t optimise the current possibilities, you will miss the boat. There is also a lot to gain in terms of productivity, cooperation and flexibility.

The explosive rise of digital working

Working digitally is about much more than saving a postage stamp. It is about storing documents on servers, automating processes and linking systems. In fact, your entire business operations are built on ones and zeros.

Now, this development has been going on for some time, but if anything has brought about a spectacular acceleration, it has been the corona crisis. That bizarre period has taught us that digital working really is the future.

Why is digital becoming increasingly popular?

If your company really goes digital, you make an enormous efficiency leap. Information is more accessible and much easier to find and sharing it is a piece of cake. You also automatically build up data, which, when analysed, can then be used to make further progress.

But that is definitely not all. The past few years have also made it clear to us how much your employees enjoy working from home – and that you can trust them to do so. And happy employees are productive employees! Moreover, they travel less, which means saving time and the environment which is another topic that is very important at the moment.

Working online automatically forces people to communicate more clearly and effectively. And if your employees work remotely anyway, you can recruit them from anywhere. A big plus in a time of staff shortages. Also think of the costs you save on energy bills, coffee and other office facilities.

Still not convinced? Happy with e-mail, MS Office, but don’t feel like going too crazy? All those investments, that turmoil… Okay, but you don’t work on an island. Your customers will take that step. Your suppliers, your competitors… And let’s face it: aren’t you and your staff used to far-reaching digital innovations at home too? The Internet of Things has long since found a place in our private lives. Isn’t it strange that every time you walk into your office, it feels like stepping 25 years back in time?

The digital workspace is your anchor

If you really want to do it right, create a digital workspace. In fact, you embed the digital way of working in your business operations, and make everything even easier – and more fun – for your colleagues. You give them a personalised working environment with which they can easily focus on their most important tasks.

A digital workspace is always accessible from anywhere. From any device and very importantly: the digital workspace offers secure access. In a good digital work environment, your employees also have various ways to be and stay connected with their colleagues.

All documents, protocols, apps and more are accessible in the blink of an eye (okay, one mouse click). This makes the service to your customers much faster and better. And you will notice that!

Furthermore, employees can work on documents simultaneously and always have the latest versions. At the same time, they can be confident that everyone is working with the same tools at all times.

But what does it look like? How does it work, how does it feel, what does it smell like? OK, we don’t have an answer to that last question, but we can give you a flavour of the user experience. Workspace 365 provides an adaptive workspace. An interface, then, that can be fully customised (and adapts automatically) to your needs. Here is an example of a workspace adapted for education professionals.

Okay, I get it. Working digitally is the ideal solution!

Yes, and no. Because you have to do it right. Because you know how important it is to  keep your staff engaged And you have to make sure that those efficiencies are actually achieved. But if you take a number of things into account, you can certainly gain from digitisation. Even if you already do more than e-mail and use PCs.

Curious about what you can gain from a digital workspace? Contact us or try the workspace for free.

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