We launched our Workspace 365 business apps! This brings us another step closer to a complete online workspace. The possibility to start existing web- and local apps in Workspace 365 is used a lot already, but many SMBs still have to search for new software tools for every new or changing business process. These are all separate software tools which don’t communicate with each other.

Therefore we decided to develop our own powerful business apps and to link them with Office 365. By doing this companies create overview by easily linking business information with documents and e-mail. This allows them to manage all their business processes from within one complete online workspace using our integrated business apps.

With Workspace 365 business apps you can look up or save business information via internet from any location and on any device with a browser. The Workspace 365 business apps are easy to use so you can work smarter and more efficient.

Resellers get the opportunity to create constant upsells using Workspace 365 business apps. We give them the freedom to choose their margin on business apps. Furthermore they can stand out from the crowd by offering business apps in their workspace, with their colours. Make sure that your customers don’t have to search for separate apps by offering tailor made business apps.

Underneath you find a selection of the most important ready-to-use business apps, including:
Projects, CRM, Activity, Contact, Mileage Usage, Offers, Invoices, Support Ticket and Tailor made Apps

Workspace 365 Business Apps

Projects App

Create overview by linking all your business information together with the Project App, this way you can see any information you need in one place in your browser. Thanks to the link between Workspace 365 business apps and Office 365 you will never have to search for documents, e-mail or business information.


While travelling you can easily add sales information like accounts, contacts, activities, offers and more using the CRM App. You will stay up to date on your colleagues and always have the information on you to close a deal.

Activity App

Create activities wherever you are so you will never miss out on another important opportunity. Keep your colleagues acquainted by planning in activities for each other. The Activity App brings more structure in the working activities of your team.

Contact App

Easily add new contacts and link them with activities to see your history with the contact immediately. All your contact information will be up-to-date on any device when you save them in the Contact App. In addition you can quickly note if a contact wants to receive your newsletter.

Mileage Usage App

Workspace 365 is available on any device with a browser, which is why it is so perfect for registering you mileage usage. Employees can add rides quick and easily. By adding mileages you get a complete overview of all the mileage usage.

Offer App

Simplify your administration and make it insightful. By adding offers and linking them to documents you can easily check or edit the status from anywhere. Administration will take up a lot less time so your sales force has more time to create sales!

Invoice App

Never lose focus on your invoices. At the Invoice App you immediatly see the status of all your invoices allowing you to remind your customers earlier. By using the Invoice App in Workspace 365 you can manage your invoices more easily causing your customers to pay on time.

Support Ticket App

Resellers can add their own Support Ticket App in Workspace 365. With the Ticket App users can send their problems more easily and more quickly. Resellers get a convenient list with all the tickets which they can sort, handle and close.

Does your customer aks for other Business Apps?

No problem, these can be built intuitively with our drag & drop builder. There are truly endless possibilities. By adding tailor-made business apps employees can, for example, request working clothes, call in sick or look up their pay checks from within their online workspace. You can integrate any business process within the workspace, making expensive custom-made software or separate software tools superfluous.

Companies stop looking for software when they learn that their ICT service provider offers tailor-made business apps. So by offering the business apps resellers help their customers while they create an extra upsell.

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