The online Workspace 365 from New Day at Work is nominated for the Dutch EuroCloud Awards 2014 in the category Best Cloud Product. Workspace 365 is a complete online workspace powered by Office 365 using the browser to be the future Operating System. The workspace is marketed through a partner channel. The EuroCloud Awards take place on June the 11th at the headquarters of IBM in Amsterdam.


Companies got the chance to register their cloud product for the awards by sending in information. A jury of cloud specialists selected the nominees on the basis of the submitted materials. New Day at Work sent in a business case for the participation in which IT service provider SPEYK, reseller of Workspace 365, tailored a workspace for specific verticals.

Best Cloud Product

By participating as Best Cloud Product New Day at Work wants to gain more attention for the power of the browser. The browser makes operating systems superfluous and therefore Workspace 365 is completely browser based.

“We want to help companies to the cloud by developing a workspace where users have everything they need in one place. To reach this we integrated and simplified Office 365 and linked it to business apps of Workspace 365, this way users can easily link documents and email to business apps to get a complete overview in their business information. Companies who still need local or web apps can add these to their workspace as well.  With Single Sign On to web apps and the possibility to start remote apps from within the workspace we created a hybrid workspace. This way entrepreneurs can see that working in the cloud can save a lot of money without diving into the cloud all at once.” thus Erik Nicolai, CEO at New Day at Work.

“In addition, many IT service providers talk too much about technique and too little about users. What does a user need? It is just that what we put in our workspace, users want everything in one place.” Erik Nicolai.


The organizer of the awards is the EurCloud Netherlands foundation, a foundation aiming to develop a successful cloud industry in the Netherlands and Europe. On Wednesday, June 11th, they will announce the winners immediately after the Dutch EuroCloud Awards event at the IBM headquarters.

Winner of the EuroCloud Awards

The winners of the Dutch cloud awards automatically compete for the main prizes at the EuroCloud Europe award. The European awards are held in the autumn of 2014 in the atmospheric Luxembourg. All the winners from participating countries will be present there.

More information

Visiting the Dutch EuroCloud Awards is free after registration. To register as a visitor please visit this link: