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The Movement

Helping partners to scale their digital workspace

Thursday, 25 March 2021, 16:00 (GMT+1, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris)

Join the Movement!

In this online partner event we’ll discuss why we work together with partners and how we help partners to be successful in 30 minutes.

Together with our partners we discover customers’ needs and help them to simplify work for their customers.

We have six speakers from Workspace 365 with the following sessions:

  • Conquer Complexity – Erik Nicolai
  • Unlock the power of partners – Tjibbe Vissers
  • The adaptive workspace – Gijs van Hees
  • Fast innovation – Laurens Holtkamp
  • Bring it on! – Rick van Diermen
  • Future of work – Wesley de Graaf


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    The Speakers

    Erik Nicolai

    CEO en Co-Founder

    In 2010, Erik started Workspace 365 with his Co-Founder to conquer complexity for the people who do important work. He’ll talk about what we want to achieve with Workspace 365, why we do it and which verticals benefit most of our adaptive workspace.

    Tjibbe Vissers

    Succes Maker 

    Tjibbe will give you a tour through our Partner Portal. In this session Tjibbe will explain why we created this Partner Portal, what the purpose is and what the benefits are. He will show you what you can do with the Partner Portal and will tell you all the ins and outs!

    Gijs van Hees

    Head Partner Success 

    Why are partners so important? Gijs will explain this in his session. He will talk about how partners add value to the Workspace 365 proposition and what the adaptive workspace means for partners and their customers.

    Laurens Holtkamp

    Head of Technical Success

    Do you want to move to the cloud and move away from your remote desktop? Laurens will explain our technical onboarding process and will give you some tips. He will show you how you can simplify processes with APIs.

    Rick van Diermen

    Head of Growth

    Rick will talk about why MSPs offer Workspace 365 to their customers and how you can recognize a potential customer. He will explain how our Discovery meetings work and how they involve our Partner Succes team in the sales process for deals.

    Wesley de Graaf

    Head of Product

    How do we define our roadmap? Wesley will explain our roadmap which involves customer research, partner feedback and analyst feedback. He will talk about what we focus on today, the future and how partners are involved in this process.