Since 2018, yellow arrow has been a partner of Workspace 365. In a short time, they have grown to the highest partner level by demonstrating their vision and skills around the digital workspace. In this article, we share how the partnership with Yellow Arrow came about and how they look at Workspace 365 as an IT service provider.

Search for a simple digital workspace

Many organisations were struggling to switch between all the old software, new web applications and the Office 365 applications. There was no central location where everything came together to conduct their daily business. As a result, people had to constantly log into applications and switch between programs.

This was also the case for the customers of yellow arrow. For that reason, they were looking for a digital workspace in which they could bring together all their services (such as Microsoft 365) and developed applications. A single solution in which only relevant applications, communication and information are available.

Getting to know the digital workspace

When the partnership was formed, there was an extensive program to transfer all the knowledge from Workspace 365 around the digital workspace to yellow arrow.

Transferring knowledge: for whom is Workspace 365?

During the first step of the partnership, we explored with yellow arrow which customers Workspace 365 is suitable for. In addition, we shared tips for identifying customer challenges that Workspace 365 can help with.

Technical training and increasing adoption

In addition, there was a technical training course in which everything was shared around the implementation and maintenance of the digital workspace. Given yellow arrow’s high level of knowledge, the training focused mainly on integrating the applications they develop themselves based on the Microsoft Power Platform.

The first customers of yellow arrow and Workspace 365

As a service provider, yellow arrow operates within different segments, such as accountants, educational institutions, municipalities, law firms and more. The first customers of yellow arrow were SME organisations where there was a need to bring information and applications together.

Later, yellow arrow also helped larger organisations to switch to Workspace 365. There are now more than 7,000 people at yellow arrow who work daily from Workspace 365. These customers experience Workspace 365 as a workspace that makes it easier for them to do their jobs by bringing together Microsoft 365 applications, with just a single login.

Focus on increasing adoption

As part of a transition to a new workspace, yellow arrow immediately deploys Workspace 365. This gives people immediate access to a modern workspace and allows yellow arrow to adapt the underlying technologies. This way, they minimise the number of changes for the end user. With Workspace 365, they can offer and introduce all new applications in one environment.

“The success of Workspace 365 is not just in the technology. A large part of it is in the use of the workspace. That’s why we think adoption is so important, we pay a lot of attention to it by training new customers from A to Z. We want to make sure they understand everything and that every individual can work more intelligently because of it.”- Peter Noorderijk, Executive Director at yellow arrow.

Together we develop the workspace

As a partner, yellow arrow is very involved in the development of the digital workspace. By being in contact with customers and end users a lot, they know which new developments help to simplify work.

There are also regular sessions to spar about the needs, interesting technologies, and feedback from customers. By including this feedback in the development of Workspace 365, all customers and end users benefit from new functionalities.

About yellow arrow

In 2017, yellow arrow was founded by Peter Noorderijk and since then they have been helping customers achieve a modern workspace environment. This involves four important components. The workspace must be able to be used independently of location, time and device in a secure way. They use Microsoft 365 applications and Workspace 365 for this.

Yellow arrow helps organisations to implement, maintain and continuously develop a workspace. This is not only about the technology, but mainly about simplifying the use of the workspace for the end users. The adoption of the digital workspace is very important here.

About Workspace 365

Together with our partners we are conquering complexity for thousands of companies in order to focus more on the real work. We have three different types of partners: launching, accelerating, and thriving. For each of these partners, we provide the right support to work with them to further develop the workspace. Our MSP Partner Boost Program has many advantages:

  • Offers a white label hosted or self-hosted workspace
  • Deployment in a data center of choice, to fully integrate with customers’ core infrastructure
  • Support training
  • Sales training
  • Reduce your service costs

Are you curious to learn more? Then feel free to take a look at our website for our Partner Boost Program!

Workspace 365 Partner Boost Program Explainer

Kelly van der Horst

Kelly van der Horst

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