At many companies I have visited it is a challenge to find the right documents.  This does not only count for big companies, but also for small businesses. With this blog I want to zoom in on why it is such a challenge to share documents and how can you share this information in a smart way with colleagues.

Sharing these files is very important, because it often has an impact on, for example, a project or campaign. Many companies that I have visited have searched for their salvation in an intranet, Dropbox or a server. What always strikes me is the lack of structure in storing documents. Obviously agreements are made on where to store which document. Therefore, there is a separate folder for projects, customers, offers and invoices. However, when the number of employees grows, you see that agreements are less and less respected.

An intranet, server or a DMS tool is too static. When using this, important knowledge in documents are practically untraceable after a while. This happens because business information is separate from other information within a company like customer information, projects, offers and quotes. The result: calling and e-mailing colleagues for the right documents. A time consuming process.

Within the online workspace of New Day at Work you will never have to search for documents again, because everything is linked together. When creating a new project or customer, a new folder is automatically created and then linked. This provides structure and efficiency. As an employee, for example, you will never have to make a project folder yourself. Colleagues can see the documents that are related to the project via the project folder. So calling and emailing for the right documents is no longer needed.

Frank Hartog