Working anywhere and anytime is becoming more and more important. Employees want to work on the go, at home or at a client’s office. To achieve this, many IT companies deliver a hosted desktop. With a hosted desktop, data and programs are located on a server in the cloud. Through a connection to this server, all files and programs are accessible.

A major advantage of a hosted desktop is that your entire desktop settings, software programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook and documents are centrally stationed on the server and not only on a single workstation (computer). So in fact, you as an employee always have your own workplace. However, the price of between 50 and 75 euro makes this fairly expensive. Is this worth it for small SMEs?

The small SMEs that I know mainly use Word and Excel combined with a separate CRM, Project management tool and an accounting package for managing their business processes. A lot of this simple software is already available in the cloud. Software is becoming increasingly available via the cloud. The only thing you will need is an internet connection. Herewith appears the arguments for choosing a hosted desktop.

Although an internet connection gives you access to different separate software, I still see a lot of entrepreneurs missing a desktop experience. Entrepreneurs still want one place where all their software comes together. Office 365 is a place where you can open all kinds of different software, but it still misses a desktop experience and a smart connection (link) between the products. In addition, products such as Office, Outlook, Lync and SharePoint are present but many individual software tools such as CRM and Project are additionally required. The result is an inefficient way of working, because the same data is stored in different software.

That’s why we have developed Workspace 365, an online workspace with a desktop experience which works fully in any browser and on any device. We use the power of Office 365 supplemented with Business Applications such as CRM, project management, quotes and invoices. In this way, e-mail, documents and business are supported in a simple way and linked in a smart way. This creates structure and increases productivity for employees.

Frank Hartog