For legal-counselors, schools, financial service providers and other institutions who handle sensitive information the security of software like Office 365 is very important. In 2012 we decided to integrate Office 365 in our complete browser-based workspace due to its strong security. By doing this Workspace 365 gives institutions a secure online workspace which raises productivity and is suitable for managing, adjusting and sending sensitive data.

Where are files and emails stored using Workspace 365?

All files and emails are stored at Office 365 thanks to our integration. So your files and emails are in highly secured data centers at Microsoft. These data centers are secured physically and digitally for 24 hours a day. The information can be send encrypted between the data center and the user. Workspace 365 users log in using Office 365 via Single Sign-On.

Is Office 365 a safe choice for my Workspace 365 users?

Microsoft was in the news recently for rejecting a request to hand over emails to the US government. Next to this, Microsoft will use encryption more often meaning they can’t look in to your emails and documents and neither can the NSA. This makes Office 365 very safe and even makes it impossible for Microsoft to hand over your emails and documents. Workspace 365 users fully utilize the security of Office 365 so they can work safely.

What kind of security does Office 365 offer?

For legal-counselors, schools, financial service providers and other institutions it is important that the security meets a number of security requirements. This is why Microsoft complies with standards like ISO 27001 (one of the best available security standards worldwide), FISMA, GLBA and FERPA. Next to this, Microsoft is willing to sign with each customer a data processing agreement, security amendment, HIPAA business associate agreement, and the EU model clauses.

Workspace 365 a safe browser-based workspace

Besides the security of Office 365, you can also use extra security in Workspace 365, such as Multi-Factor Authentication and a range of options for Conditional Access.

In Workspace 365 your employees or customers can work in a safe environment. Do you want to know more about the security? Please contact us at +31 30 711 6725 or [email protected]. Try the free Workspace 365 demo to see how you can create one central starting point for every task.

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