Deliver an easy-to-use digital workspace to those who need it

Unite information, applications and communication

Simplify access to all your apps with one sign-in

Browser-based adaptive workspace

Web-, windows-, and local applications based on your role, device and location

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What happens after I sign up for a Workspace 365 demo?

We’ll send you a prefilled Workspace 365 demo. This allows you to discover how we simplify work, by integrating basically anything you need to do your work. Experience the role-based workspace in which we simplify access, security and communication.

Does it include the Office 365, Citrix & fileserver integration?

Yes! We show how we integrate these powerful technologies, as we think it is important for organisations to deliver a digital role-based workspace that combines both the new (cloud/web apps) and old (RDP/file server) in one workspace.

The digital workspace of my organisation misses functions

We’re proud to develop new functionalities quickly. Each month we present you great features which will simplify your work. However, partners who host the workspace are able to control which version they use. We do advice our partners to stay up-to-date.