Whitepaper: Elevate your intranet – Unite Communication & IT

Over the last decade many organisations implemented intranets. Some thrived, while others lacked visitors and engagement. While some intranets continuously improve others remain static and don’t improve employee satisfaction.

At the same time the IT-departments worked on major transformations in the traditional desktop space. Starting with the rise of remote and virtual desktops in 2000, to moving to digital workspaces from 2019.

Combined with the global pandemic and the urge to work remotely, IT was forced to facilitate remote working on a huge scale.

We found it is time to reflect on both trends. Discover the role of the intranet within this whitepaper. What you’ll get:


Roadmap to unite the intranet and digital workspace


Understanding of digital workspace costs


Cheat sheets of jargon and buzz words for IT & Communication managers

Just one more step…