In Workspace 365 users get one username and one password to access all their web apps with just one click. This is important to us because, according to Cloud Security Alliance, employees use 23 applications on average.
And 60% of the employees has noted that they can’t remember all their passwords. This causes them to constantly wait for new passwords, and they have to interrupt their IT managers and beg them for a reset. In order to save time for the IT managers and employees we made a link with Windows Azure Active Directory.

While writing this article Workspace 365 has Single Sign-On to over 3.100 applications. This number grows on a daily base. Every application in the Azure marketplace is accessible from Workspace 365 with one click. Using this integration users also save time because they only have to click once to access the apps they need in stead of entering their credentials each time.

Next to saving time, this is also an improvement for a company’s security. When an employee has over 23 applications, they’ll use simple passwords, which are easy to hack. Or what do you think will happen when they use 23 different passwords? Then they’ll lose them and will lose time waiting for their new password as described above. So by linking every web app to Workspace 365 employees will be able to set up safer (difficult) passwords and they’ll also report which apps they use. This will allow them to do all their work from their browser and their work becomes easier because they lose less time entering credentials.

By offering the Single Sign-on app within Workspace 365 App groups it is easy to create role-based groups. You simply drag & drop the application within an app group and everyone who has rights to the group will be able to see it as soon as they refresh their browser. This makes it easier to grant access to the right data, for the right employee, which is also vital for your cloud security according to Cloudwards.