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Customer: De Kempenaer Advocaten

Legal firm
Arnhem, The Netherlands



check  A complete workspace which simplifies and integrates with Aderant Expert & Office 365.
check  Decreased the amount of apps used by lawyers to enter and view data.
check  Lawyers can now access all relevant matter data on any device.

Frank Eggink de kempenaer“For our lawyers CRM was a challenge as they had too many separate applications. Reducing this to a single Workspace will drive our profitability and efficiency.” – Frank Eggink, De Kempenaer


About Workspace 365

Workspace 365 is a platform to simplify the way you work: it has everything you need to get your job done, integrated into one workspace.

Complete control on your documents, email and any other company process via one central starting point in your browser, from any device.

Log in once to access all your applications, both web and Windows, in just one click. With simple Business Apps like Project Management, Activities or Time Registration, you can simplify any process.

Our lawyers can easily access data on any device using Workspace 365

De Kempenaer is a trusted law firm who works in multi-disciplinary teams. In the old situation the apps they worked with were not tablet friendly. Furthermore, it was impossible to create new data entry fields or to link client information to files in their old system. This caused a lot of time losses. So their journey for a flexible CRM system, to save time for their lawyers, started.

“A CRM system would not solve our problem, as it would be yet another separate app. So we took a different approach to our desktop infrastructure. Using Workspace 365 we can now enter and view data from one central starting point on any device. By fully integrating software tools like Office 365 and Aderant Expert it became easier to use the applications.” says Frank Eggink, accountant at de Kempenaer.

Lawyer Bjorn Ramakers is glad with his new workspace “I now have a tablet on which I open my browser to access all my work at once. I can easily enter new information like time registrations or client information. It is as simple as setting up a social media profile. Thanks to the Business App integration with Aderant, the information is automatically send to the back office for billing, this way I don’t have to access Aderant anymore, saving me lots of time. Moreover, I have apps on my dashboard for editing and sending documents, sheets, and presentations using Office 365. And I can quickly link those files to Business Apps like matters, clients, activities and more. This means all my files and information are now connected and easily accessible in my browser.”

Frank Eggink: “Lawyers tend to be very accurate, helping them to be so saves time for these employees. And thanks to the integration of Office 365 within Workspace 365 we can dispose our servers, saving us on costs as well.”

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