In our previous Update blog I already explained that next to simplifying work for Workspace 365 users, we also want to simplify work for admins. To reach this we developed a better groups management system compared to services like Office 365. In Workspace 365 you can now create user groups within Workspace 365 allowing you to automate which settings, permissions and applications users get when they enter your company or switch positions within the company! This allows you to set up an entire workspace within seconds, giving new users all the apps they need.


Simplification for users

Over 40,000 years ago Neanderthals already used drawings as a tool for communication. By making their story visual others could understand it, even without speaking the same language. As we are always looking to make work just a little bit more easy we have now introduced icons in Workspace 365. Previously, the tiles already used icons to make it quicker to recognize an application, in order to make actions more clearly we’ve now added icons to them as well.


Now go and check out those icons, haven’t got a workspace yet? Try our demo instead.

ps. check out all the features our team worked on.

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